Republican Presidential Race By The Numbers & No Judgment!

I love statistics and numbers and for once, I’m going to talk about the Republican race for the White House and not interject my personal opinions!  Shocker!

With the Florida primary this coming Tuesday, Mitt Romney is now leading womanizer Newt Gingrich by 9%.  Right after his big win in South Carolina last weekend, Gingrich was leading in Florida by 9%.  However, those numbers really took a hit after the last debate a few days ago.

Florida is a “winner takes all” state and there are 50 delegates up for grabs.

After the caucuses in Iowa and the primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina, Newt Gingrich has 23 delegates (all from South Carolina, another winner takes all state).  Romney is in second place in the delegate count with 13 (6 from Iowa and 7 in New Hampshire), Rick Santorum is in third place with 6 delegates (from Iowa), and Ron Paul has 3 (from New Hampshire).

1,144 delegates are needed for the nomination.

In a matter of popular vote after Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, Romney leads in votes with 295,353 (33%), Gingrich is in second with 282,982 (31.6%), Paul is third with 161,001 (18%) and Santorum is in last place with 155,457 votes (17.4%).

Florida is the last voting state in January.

Here are the races in February with the voting date and number of delegates in parentheses:  Nevada (4th, 28), Maine (4th, 24); Minnesota (7th, 40), Colorado (7th, 36); Michigan (28th, 30), and Arizona (28th, 29).

In 2008, Romney easily won in Maine, Colorado, and Minnesota.

In the latest polls in Minnesota, Gingrich has a 2-to-1 lead over Romney and in Michigan, Romney leads by 5%.

Will Florida be the end for Santorum, who is running out of money?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Santorum should of dropped out at the beginning!!! I wish Gingrich would do us all a favor and take a trip to the moon or at least drop out, every time I see him on t.v. I turn the channel. I can NOT wait until it is all over with, I hate watching any of it.


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