Lady Gaga, I ♥ You, But Today’s It’s All About Madonna!

L-U-V Madonna, Y-O-U wanna?

For football fans, it’s “Super Bowl 46” with the Giants taking on the Patriots.

However, for 10% of the world, it’s Madonna’s return to the stage in her first major performance since her “Sticky & Sweet” tour ended in Tel Aviv, Israel on September 2, 2009.  That tour, with 85 shows, grossed $408 million U.S. dollars.

OK, the stakes are not just high because this is Madonna’s first performance in a long time, it’s because this is the the biggest performance of her 30-year career.  (Last year, 111 million people in the U.S. watched the big game.)  People that go to her concerts and buy her records are fans.  Most of the millions around the world that will be tuning in for the halftime show are not Madonna fans, so there’s a lot of on the line.

After much anticipation and a leaked track late last fall, this past Friday, Madonna released the video to the first single from her new  CD, “MDNA”, that arrives March 26, 2012.  The song is “Give Me All Your Luvin”.  It’s definitely a throw back to the ’80s — Madonna’s stomping grounds.

Madonna looks fantastic and when she goes back to a Marilyn-esque “Material Girl” look with rappers Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., Madonna is at her finest.

The song starts off  weak, but builds to a climax and ends in pure form.  For once, I’ll say adding rap to a song made the record.

I do like the old new wave, current French electronic sounds brought by producer Martin Solveig.

Here’s the video and I’m one Madonna fan that will be watching only the halftime show.


P.S.  If Tom Brady’s team wins and they interview him the locker room without his shirt, FB me and let me know.  LJK, “laughing, joking, kidding!”

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