This “Red State” is Violent & Deadly

Kevin Smith has never been at the top of my list of people who I find really funny.  I’ve seen none of his hip movies such as “Clerks”, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, or Dogma.  I did see “Chasing Amy” and “Zack and Miri Make a Porno, that he directed and I wasn’t really blown away.  As an actor, I’ve seen his movie, “Catch and Release”, many times, but it was more for the love story between Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant’s characters.

However, his latest movie, “Red State”, blew me away (along with many of the characters in the movie).

If you don’t recall “Red State” playing at your local multiplex, don’t worry. It probably didn’t and its had a very interesting road to DVD.

The movie debuted in January 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival and played for one week at the New Beverly Cinema last summer before it was released via video on demand in September.  After that, it played in a few select theaters for just one night and finally hit DVD in October 2011.

The movie focuses on a backwoods country family that would be that town’s real-life Phelps family from the Westboro Baptist Church out of Topeka, Kansas.

The religious fanatic family protest funerals and do things much darker than that.  Early in the movie, three high school boys think they’re going to get “lucky” with an older woman who lives out in the country.

Shortly after the arrival at her place, things go really bad.  Soon, the boys are prisoners of this family while they get a lesson from the leader/preacher about how “the homosexuals” are destroying this world and how God is punishing sinners in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina and Thailand with typhoons and flooding.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) gets involved and like real-life incidents at Ruby Ridge (Idaho) in 1992 and the Branch Davidian ranch massacre near Waco, Texas in 1993, things turn violent and deadly.

The movie stars Academy Award winner Melissa Leo and Golden Globe winner John Goodman.

“Red State” will definitely keep you entertained.  It will also make you think really long and hard that people really think and act this way.  It also makes you wonder if these people could be living closer to you than you might think.


Warning:  It contains violent scenes and very, very, adult language.

Here is the trailer:


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