Westboro Haters “Protest” Whitney’s Funeral!!

I don’t have DNA proof that the Westboro Baptist Church members are a bunch of inbred religion freaks.  Do I need it?

Anyone, including this very small group of nut cases, who protests the funerals of soldiers, gays, or celebrities while a family is grieving the loss of a loved one is a loser!

Well, the Westboro x Church (I won’t even use the word “Baptist” because that would give my Baptist friends a bad name) has sunk to all-time low.

That incestuous sect, again I have no proof, was going to protest superstar Whitney Houston’s funeral.   However, I guess they didn’t know the way to New Jersey from the backwoods of Kansas.

So, they decided to Photoshop a picture of the funeral and tweet a picture of  their protest to their TENS of followers!

This is laughable and I don’t laugh too much when I think of the ignorance of the Westboro x Church.

I guess this is the latest rage.  When you don’t have real followers, fake it.  The National Organization of Women, an anti-gay group, was exposed after it faked a picture of a protest to make it look like it had a huge following at an anti-gay rally.

Here’s the real photo outside Whitney’s funeral.

Westboro x Church, God doesn’t hate fags and Whitney is not in hell!   He might even talk to you when the time comes if you change your ways!



One response to this post.

  1. God is not hate, God is Love. God would not protest, but hold in Love. In this world there are many interpretations of God by those who don’t know the Love that God possesses, and it is easy for them to fall back on thing
    Compassion for yours of this world when they are confronted with things that they feel uncomfortable with or don’t understand.
    Compassion must be one of those things


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