All Returning Soldiers Deserve a Kiss

Military homecomings, whether from war or from a deployment, often bring tears of happiness as members of our military return home to their loved ones and their families.  I commend these men and women for all that they do for me.  I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes of having to go away to a foreign place, which many times, are most likely inhospitable.

We’ve all seem images like this of homecomings.

But, this is the 21st century and now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was done away with last September and America realizes that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals also risk their lives to fight and protect this great country of ours, these homecomings will look a little different in the future.

That was the case this past weekend when this photo of U.S. Marine Brandon Morgan reuniting with his partner, Dalan, in Hawaii, went viral.

While most responses have been positive, there were the negatives.

Brandon took to his Facebook page with this response:  “To everyone who has responded in a positive way. My partner and I want to say thank you… As for the haters, let em hate…We are the happiest we have ever been and as for the whole PDA and kissing slash hugging in uniform…it was a homecoming, if the Sergeants Major, Captains, Majors, and Colonels around us didn’t care…then why do you care what these random people have to say?…Goodnight all, and Semper Fi.”

People, realize this.  The Washington Post reports that there’s an estimated 66,000 gay, lesbian and bisexual people serving in the U.S. military, approximately 13,000 active duty service members, and about 53,000 others serving in the National Guard and reserves.

Many of these brave men and women have partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives back home eagerly awaiting their safe return.  For what they do for you in the military, they deserve a kiss and an embrace from the man or woman that they love, so be thankful.  If you’re a hater, think of opening your mind and shutting your mouth.

Peace.  ☮


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  2. I think it’s long past time for couples of any combination of gender, race, religion, etc., to be able to greet each other enthusiastically when they have been separated, especially when one or both serve in the Armed Forces and there is no way to be sure when or if either of them will return safely. I’m not saying display a two-hour game of tonsil hockey where bystanders are made uncomfortable by it, but certainly celebrate the reunion, the relief, and the hope that life will be as beautiful as they dreamed now that they are together again. When I was a kid, I was taught to recite something that I still believe “….for liberty and justice for all….”
    Blessed be.


    • Mamadog:

      I love your post and I love that expression “tonsil hockey”. I guess I’ve never heard that one. 🙂

      Thanks for checking out the blog and responding.



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