Most Iowans Believe In Equality

Despite haters like Republican Governor Terry Branstad and Bob Vander Plaats, most Iowans are want to leave marriage equality in place.  I’m very proud to live on the Illinois and Iowa border when you see how progressive Iowans can be and it helps you forget that about 25% of Republicans voted for Rick Santorum in the January Iowa caucuses.

A new Des Moines Register poll shows that 56% of Iowans oppose passage of a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, while 38% favor a legislative initiative to pass make marriage between a man and a woman.  6% aren’t sure.

One year ago, in February 2011, 54% were opposed to an amendment that would ban marriage equality and 40% supported passing an amendment.

34% of Iowans under 35 support a ban and that number jumps to 43% for Iowans 55 and older.

Here’s a shocker (laughing, joking, kidding):  64% of Republicans favor a ban, but just 35% of independents and 15% of Democrats support the ban.

The state Supreme Court unanimously made marriage equality law in Iowa in April 2009.  Then, in November 2010, more than 50% of the haters or the uneducated in Iowa voted three of the justices that made same-sex marriage legal out of office in the state’s judicial retention elections.It’s not likely that marriage equality will go away anytime soon in Iowa because acceptance is growing and the issue must be passed by two consecutive General Assemblies to be placed on the ballot.

As Sen. Matt McCoy, a Democrat from Des Moines, puts it, “I think most Iowans recognize that this issue has very little to do with them and their lives, and it certainly doesn’t impact their marriages or the way they live their lives. It is really more about allowing people to be able to commit to people they love”.

The fight for equality is a going to be a long one.

I will continue to work to make people see that I’m just like everyone else:  I go to work, I come home to my family, I pay taxes, and I do my best to treat everyone with respect.

I know that while Iowa allows marriage for everyone and marriage equality will become law in Maryland Thursday and Washington state in June, there will always be people who will try to overturn the advances that you and I have made and we must remain strong.

Terry Branstad, just know that in 2014, if you seek re-election, I will do everything in my power to see that you retire and leave office defeated.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Larry on March 10, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    just because people voted out those judges you shouldn’t call them stupid. I thought the peaceful process of voting people in and out of office is what makes this country great.


  2. Larry,

    I’m big into semantics. Unless I overlooked it, I didn’t call anyone “stupid”. Please don’t put words into my mouth.

    As I look back over it, I said, “more than 50% of the haters or the uneducated” You are the one using the word “stupid”!



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