She Wants To Be Billionaire So Fricking Bad‏

It’s no secret that Madonna and I have a date for my birthday in October in Las Vegas when her world tour stops at the MGM Grand for a couple of nights.  I’m so ready for the concert and the vacation/honeymoon.

That’s still seven long months away and until then, I’ll have to enjoy her new CD, “MDNA”, that comes out in less than two weeks (March 26th).

What you may not know is that as rich as Madonna is now (she’s the fourth highest earning female entertainer in the world), she could become only the second female celebrity billionaire, behind Oprah, if she accepts an offer to give up touring the world and make Las Vegas her home for five years.

The London “Sun” is reporting that Madonna has been offered ONE BILLION DOLLARS, that billion with a “B”, for a five-year casino engagement to give the town’s tourism a boost.

Cher, Bette Midler, Elton John, Shania Twain, and Celine Dion have all had similar arrangements in Las Vegas.

This offer easily surpasses her last big deal with promoter, Live Nation, in 2007, when she signed a ten-year contract worth $125 million.

If you’ve never seen Madonna in concert, she is incredible.

Here is the opening number, “Future Love/I Feel Love”, and “Like A Virgin” from the “Confessions” tour.  I’ve seen Madonna in concert twice and this 2006 tour was the absolute best.

“Future Love/I Feel Love”

“Like A Virgin”

Is it October yet?


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