March 26th, Get Here Soon!

Two weeks from today, baby!  While I would love to be counting down to a long vacation getaway, I’m marking off the days until the release of the new Madonna CD, “MDNA”.

I know that unless you’re a Madonna fan, you don’t care.  However, snippets of two more songs have been released for “I’m Addicted” and “Turn Up The Radio”.

“I’m Addicted”

“Turn Up The Radio”

Last Friday, I blogged about the two snippets for “Love Spent” and “Gang Bang”, along with the video for “Give Me All Your Luvin'” and the full song for the new single, “Girl Gone Wild”.   Here’s that blog link to hear the other songs:

Madonna has also released a video tease for “Girl Gone Wild” and it looks sexy, hot, and scandalous.

So, with more and more teases coming out and more critics getting to hear the album, here’s what “Billboard” says of “MDNA”:

“Madonna is still very much the Queen of Pop.  Nearly 30 years after first hitting the Billboard charts in late 1982 with her debut single “Everybody,” Madonna is still showing the pop world how it’s done.  “MDNA” — her 12th studio album — is a collection of thoroughly pumping pop tunes, some of which are slices of sheer brilliance. Not only does Madonna take us to the club with “MDNA,” she exhausts us, drains us, and confides in us. Five minutes after an aerobic workout on the dance floor, we’re in her private booth, where she’s spilling her guts about relationships and how things just didn’t turn out the way they planned. Then, another five minutes later, we’re back to dancing up a storm to a song like “Gang Bang.”



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