She’s Sexy & She Knows It, Plus New Scissor Sisters Music Coming

This may be contradictory to some after me blogging about respecting women this morning, but I guess “respect” and “self-confidence” are relative terms.

As you definitely know by now, I’m very excited about the new Madonna CD, MDNA” arriving in just 12 days on Monday, March 26th.  And, snippets of the new songs are arriving almost daily.  Now, Madonna, 53, who’s never been shy and who is very proud of her looks and her body has released new publicity photos for the new album and the new song, “Girl Gone Wild”.  Yes, they’re racy, but it’s so M-A-D-O-N-N-A.

And, once you recover from seeing the pictures, I have great news for Scissor Sisters’ fans.

Also, on this gloriously beautiful sunny day with highs expected around 80°, one of the most exciting bands I’ve seen in concert ever announced that their new album, “Magic Hour!”.  It will be released on May 28th, with the new single, “Only The Horses” arriving on May 20th.

Lead single and sexpot, Jake Shears tweeted after the announcement, “Scissors just announced our new album today. It’s called Magic Hour and is out at the end of may! V happy right now. Can’t wait 4 u 2 hear.  It’s a sweet joyful mélange of beat-driven future-pop.  It style-hops all over the place unabashedly.”

The band is amazing, but they have never achieved mainstream success here in the United States.

Collaborators on the new album include Pharrell Williams (Madonna), Diplo (M.I.A), BoysNoize’s Alex Rihda (Depeche Mode), Azealia Banks, and Calvin Harris.  Harris, who recently topped the charts with Rihanna on “We Found Love”, co-produced the album’s first single, “Only The Horses.”

This is “Any Which Way” from the Scissor Sisters last album, “Night Work”.

Now I have two albums to look forward to this spring!



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