I’m Not Trying To Destroy Marriage & I Don’t Hate It

Is this man serious and sadly, I think he is?  “I don’t believe that you can be gay. I believe that people engage in homosexual behavior, and I believe that homosexual behaviors can end up killing you, and I think that homosexual behaviors when acted upon in the teenage years greatly increases the likelihood if you’re male that you will try to commit suicide.”

Those are the words of talk show host Kevin McCullough.  He goes on to say that gay couples “despise” marriage and are “seeking to destroy” it.

Here’s the part that ticks me off.  Gay people are not trying to destroy marriage.  When McCullough says that men and women complete each other and marriage is “so perfect” that it brings a child out it, that is totally insanity talking.

I guess he’s misinformed since there’s a high number of men and women getting divorced and that a teenager clumsily having sex in the backseat of a car can bring a baby into the world out of that.  Where are the words “perfect” in either of those statements?

Being a gay person that is married, I’m not out to destroy your marriage nor do I hate it.  Only you can do that.  I will fight for the right for gays to marriage in all 50 states and get benefits on a federal level, but that’s for equality, not hate.

He said that being gay is a choice and warned that “homosexual behaviors can end up killing you” because “homosexual behaviors when acted upon in the teenage years greatly increases the likelihood if you’re male that you will try to commit suicide.”

It is true that there is a higher suicide rate with gay youth.  However, what McCullough doesn’t point out in his narrow-minded spew of hate is that homophobia plays a big part in the higher suicide rate.

You just have to listen to this man and shake your head because sadly he’s not the only one that thinks this way.

Thank goodness he lives in America, the land of the free, so he’s can say these stupid, mean, hateful things.



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  1. I don’t think I even wanna hear from him. Believe me if your are gay or straight or whatever if you’re Happy then so be it. If it was so really known, I think the gay family is more Happy today than alot of so call men and women marriages. I have nothing against either I had a Happy joint one with my first for husband for 18+ yrs before he died on his brthday..we went together for a couple years before we got married. It’s who the person is that wants a Happy relationship..it will last as long as you want it too. So be Happy Anthony & Ray & Gretel… may we all have such good friends as U too are… Lets show the world that there is nothing wrong with you’re reationship and may the world be a better place…..


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