“Who’s That Girl” That’s Had More Top 10 Hits Than The Beatles?

“MDNA”, Madonna’s 12th studio album, is officially out!  Her new song, “Girl Gone Wild” will hit radio Tuesday.  In honor of this release, Billboard magazine has ranked and compiled the biggest Madonna songs of all time.

Here’s an interesting fact:  Madonna has had more top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 than the Beatles.  Madonna has 38 and the Beatles have 34!

I’m only sharing Madonna’s 20 biggest hits (plus a bonus).  My favorite Madonna song, which was her first top ten hit, “Borderline”, comes in at #27.  This was also the first of 17 consecutive top ten hits from 1984-1989!

#27 “Borderline”

#20  “4 Minutes”

#19  “Secret”

#18  “La Isla Bonita”

#17  “Cherish”

#16  “True Blue”

#15  “Express Yourself”

#14  “Causing A Commotion”

#13  “I’ll Remember”

#12  “Material Girl”

#11  “Who’s That Girl”

#10 “Open Your Heart”

#9   “Music”

#8   “Live To Tell”

#7   “Papa Don’t Preach”

#6  “Like A Prayer”

#5   “Justify My Love”

#4  “Take A Bow”

#3   “Crazy For You”

#2   “Vogue”

#1    “Like A Virgin”

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