Cracking Under Pressure & That’s No “Bulls#*t”!

This is no “bulls#*t”!

“Rick Santorum is becoming more desperate and angry and unhinged every day.”  Those are the words of  Mitt Romney spokesman Ryan Williams, who added  that Santorum was “panicking in the final stages of his campaign.”

Here is a bit of what prompted that response.

This blown fuse interaction was near Racine, Wisconsin, in response to “New York Times” reporter Jeff Zeleny asking Santorum why he said Romney was the “worst Republican in America”.

I have no love for Santorum’s hate and illogical thinking, so this could not be happening to a better person.  And, it’s ironic to see this tempestuous behavior and the use of the word, “bulls#*t”,  from squeaky clean Mr. Religious and Mr. Conservative.  Maybe he’s more human than he lets on.

Even Fox News’  Brit Hume said this of the exchange, “Santorum, excuse me, could easily have said, ‘Look, that was in the context of Obama care. You’ve heard me say it a million times. And that’s what I meant.'”

The pressure is definitely mounting for Santorum.  He trails Romney in the delegate count 565-256, with 1,144 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination.

And, the next two states, Wisconsin and Maryland, and the District of Columbia, that go to the polls next Tuesday have high stakes.  All three are “winner takes all”  races.  So, there’s no runner-up prize for 98 delegates.



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