Totally Miscellaneous Blog Entry

I hope you’re all having a great Saturday and weekend.  I’m back to work, so it’s my Monday.  I was just looking at the calendar and it’s only 35 weeks until the end of November.  What a joyous time that will be — everyone will be out shopping and getting ready for the Christmas season.

I wasn’t going to blog again today, but thanks to my friend sharing this cartoon with me on Facebook and making me laugh, I had to share it.  Thanks Liz!

LMAO!  That’s the clean version.  Here’s my “MDNA” response, “LMFAO”.

So, this leads me to a this and that blog, a miscellaneous blog, a blog with no agenda, just a blog with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

The Kentucky Wildcats are playing in the Final Four men’s basketball tournament against the Louisville Cardinals.  In Kentucky, you can’t root for both teams.  You’re either blue or red.  I grew up blue and will die blue!  Go Wildcats!!

However, I will say that if Kentucky loses and Ohio State wins today, I will have gone from the bottom three in the NCAA basketball pool at work to the near the top since 19 people picked Kentucky to win it all!

Here’s another cute email or post that I saw the other day and this would be a perfect time to share it.  This is what I call “Golden Heaven”, since we’ve been thinking a lot about Miss ABBA this weekend.  God, it’s only been eight weeks and it feels like an eternity.

And, finally, a friend, Cindy Carney, suggested something for my blog and I think it might be fun.

If you’re still reading, private Facebook me and ask me a question if there’s something you want to know.  On the first of each month, I’ll answer  some of them in a blog.  I always like filling out those silly questionnaires that people usually forward by email.

By the way, my favorites colors are orange, yellow, and green in that order, so you don’t have to ask that one. 🙂

Peace ☮


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Daren Harris on March 31, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    My Favorite colors, are Yellow, Purple, and Orange in that order. Well I guess it depends on what it is. Yellow and orange run neck to neck. And yes, this weather makesme miss my Boston Gabriel so much. It is getting camping weather, and se loved to go camping. Sigh…. I don’t think it ever gets easier, as I lost him in October, it just gets different. I will now have to think of a question to private you, and hopefully it is a good one to where you answer it on a blog. 😀


  2. Daren,

    Yes, we are finding that out. We think of Miss ABBA every day. I like how you phrased, “it just gets different”.

    We’ll really be overwhelmed with missing her again in late May. Her birthday is May 22nd and then we’re going to Spirit Lake, Iowa, the weekend and week of Memorial Day and we couldn’t keep her out of the Lake when we visited. Sigh!



  3. You’re welcome, Anthony.


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