It Feels Great To Be On Top, #1

It feels like it’s October 4, 1986, all over again.  Wow, to be 21-years-old again and to know then what I know now, it would be incredible.

Back then, in that time warp, Lionel Richie was at number one on the album chart with “Dancing on the Ceiling” and the title track was peaking at #2.  At #5 on the album chart was Madonna’s “True Blue”, which had already yielded two number one songs, “Live To Tell” and “Papa Don’t Preach”, and the title track was just hitting radio.

Flash forward almost 26 years to April 2012 and those two music icons have the top two albums in the United States.

Madonna picks up her eighth #1 album on the Billboard 200 albums chart, selling 359,000 copies of “MDNA”, with Lionel Richie’s “Tuskegee” comes in at #2 moving 199,000 copies.

I know much of the success of “MDNA” (#1 on iTunes charts in 40 countries and the biggest single day pre-sales on iTunes by any artist in history) had to do with my constant blogging about the “MDNA” CD and tour and from me buying concert tickets.  Laughing, joking, kidding. 🙂

Okay, I wasn’t joking about the concert tickets part.   Part of “MDNA’s” sales came from a sales promotion.  American customers who bought a concert ticket were offered the album as part of their ticket purchase. Those who opted for a physical copy of “MDNA” to be mailed to them counted as a sale on the album chart.  The digital downloads from the promotion didn’t count toward the Billboard album chart data.

Before you cry foul, this is an old practice.  Prince, back in 2004, sent a copy of his album, “Musicology”, to each fan that bought a concert ticket.  This propelled that album to a #3 debut, which was his first top ten album in nine years!  Other acts that have done this ticket/album promotion include Bon Jovi (#1 debut of “Lost Highway” in 2007) and Tom Petty (#2 debut of “Mojo” in 2010.)

How big of a Madonna fan are you?  Can you name her eight #1 albums in order??????  I’ll give you a hint.

The “I’m Breathless”, Dick Tracy-inspired soundtrack and “The Immaculate Collection”, both from 1990, 1992’s “Erotica”, 1996’s “Evita” sountrack, and 1998’s “Ray of Light”, all peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Your time is up.  Madonna’s eight number albums in order (and total U.S. sales —  total worldwide sales) are:

1984  “Like A Virgin”    (10 million U.S. —  21 million worldwide)

1986  “True Blue”        (7 million U.S. — 25 million worldwide)

1989  “Like A Prayer”   (5 million U.S. — 15 million worldwide)

2000  “Music”              (2.9 million U.S. — 11 million worldwide)

2003  “American Life”   (677,000 U.S. — 4 million worldwide)

2005  “Confessions on a Dance Floor”  (1.7 million U.S. — 10 million worldwide)

2008  “Hard Candy”      (740,000 U.S. — 4 million worldwide)

2012  “MDNA”              (First week U.S. sales:  359,000)

So, those may be Madonna’s #1 albums on the Billboard 200 albums chart, but what are my five favorite Madonna albums?  I’ll tell you.

#5  “Like A Virgin” (1984)

#4  “MDNA” (2012)

#3  “True Blue”  (1986)

#2  “Confessions on a Dance Floor” (2005)

#1   “Madonna” (1983)  (5 million U.S. — 10 million worldwide)



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