Some Pictures Are Hot & Some Aren’t Always Flattering or Credible

Ten pounds, it’s relative:  Sugar, $5.98; Blommer’s Giant Milk Chocolate Bar $49.99; and Gold $260, 320.

As for 10 pounds of weight loss, it’s priceless, but hell to accomplish.  Ray and I have both lost ten pounds since Christmas.

My goal is to finally lose the 15 pounds I’ve gained in the three years that Ray and I have been together (plus 4 more), but it’s tough at my age.  I’ve made the effort to walk more on the treadmill, which helps to get caught up on reading.  (I’m now up to the December 2010 “Time” magazine).

As for eating, we’ve definitely cut back on portion sizes and the junk, but it’s a struggle.

One of these days, I’ll find out the “truth” about artificial sweeteners, caffeine, water intake, and cutting out carbohydrates.  It just seems for every study that says this is “good” and this is “bad”, there’s a contradictory study.  Are the Democrats and Republicans in charge of this, too?

Many of you are also dieting and losing weight and I wish you the very best in achieving your goals.  However, men, I know it’s not realistic to think that we’ll achieve the body of  35-year-old actor Michael Fassbender, shown here in the French magazine, “Obsession”.

That is posted most for gratuitous admiration and just because I can since it’s my blog. 🙂

However, the real reason for this weight loss and blog update is 38-year-old singer Robbie Williams.  His name may not ring a bell for most Americans, especially youngsters and older people.  But, for those that partied in the 1990s, he was a member of the English band, Take That, which scored 12 top ten hits in the U.K., seven of which hit #1.

He went solo in the mid-1990s after a long battle with drug use.  Since leaving the band, he’s had 30 top ten U.K. hits, and seven of those also hit the top of the chart.  But, he never crossed over and made it big in the U.S.

This past weekend, the paparazzi got a picture of Robbie as he left a Greek restaurant in Malibu, California, not looking very “fit”, which sparked a big internet debate on the singer’s weight gain.

I guess it’s true that clothes do make the man.  This ticked Robbie off and he took to his Twitter account with a message to the paparazzi and to prove that he can eat whatever he wants, ‘Thank you for your internationally syndicated horrid picture of me (the one you put up of me leaving Taverna Tony’s…)  ‘Just to “weigh” it up here’s me at home the next day. With much love and respect, Robert.’

Robbie, as I eat a salad for lunch and then head back to treadmill, I’d love to have your physique anytime!  But, since I’m at it, why don’t I just fantasize that I have Fassbender’s body.  Oh, to be in my 20s or 30s again and have a high metabolism!

This post also give me a chance to post my favorite Robbie Williams video.  The song hit #1 in the U.K. and it did reach #24 on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart here in the U.S. in 2000.  It’s called, “Rock DJ”.  The song is fun, but….

*WARNING —-  the video is RISQUE and GRUESOME!*  *WARNING —-  the video is RISQUE and GRUESOME!*  *WARNING —-  the video is RISQUE and GRUESOME!*



4 responses to this post.

  1. Sorry, I have no idea what your blog says today. I’m stuck on the first picture.


  2. Posted by Rita on April 5, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    I agree Liz..I sat here oogling and thot oh wait I guess there is something to read on here! LOL


  3. Posted by susan c meador on April 9, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    Hotchimamas!!!He is Hot….What was this about??Jk Anthony~~~


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