Peeps’ Movie Review: “This Means War”, “War Horse”, and “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”

With it being Easter weekend, I’m sure you have many things to do other than watch movies.   However, here’s my review of three movies I recently watched.


This action-packed, romantic comedy is still in theaters and stars Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine (Star Trek), and Tom Hardy (Interception).  It has generally gotten  negative reviews.  However, I went into the movie to laugh and have a good time and I did.

In the movie, both men work for the C.I.A. and both end up dating Reese’s character, Lauren.  Once they find out they are dating the same woman, they vow they will back off and let her decide.  However, they both use the tricks of their trade to spy on and sabotage the others dates with Lauren.

Comedian Chelsea Handler plays Witherspoon’s best friend and she’s hilarious.

How could a movie with the gorgeous Witherspoon and two hot men not be enjoyable for 97 minutes?

In the U.S. the movie has made $53.2 million.  Worldwide, it had grossed $136.2 million.



This Steven Spielberg epic is absolutely visually stunning.  The landscape, the photography, the cinematography, and the sound are phenomenal.  And, the acting is perfect.

The movie stars unknown Jeremy Irvine as Albert Narracott.  He gets a horse that he names “Joey”.  He trains Joey and then loses him to the English Army in World War I.  The movie takes us through WWI and follows Joey as he’s rescued time and time again and traded from one temporary owner after another as the war drags on.

Eventually, after a series of tragedies, Albert and Joey meet again, and it will bring a tear to your eyes.

The story between Albert and Joey and Joey and another horse, Topthorn, is touching.

The movie was nominated for six Oscar awards, including “Best Picture”.



I still want to see the Swedish version that kicked off the worldwide sensation.  However, the David Fincher-directed American version starring Daniel Craig and Best Actress nominee Rooney Mara was my introduction to the story.

What an amazing ride it was.

Although many may be put off with the harsh look of Mara’s Lisbeth Salander and the violence that is thrust upon her, Mara is an amazing and captivating actress and Salander is a very interesting character.

The mystery that she and Craig’s Mikael Blomkvist are investigating will keep you intrigued.

The movie grossed $102.3 million in the U.S. for a worldwide total of $232.1 million.

I can’t wait to see the Swedish version and to read the book.




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  1. Posted by Stephanie on April 7, 2012 at 9:05 am

    Just watched “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” last night!!! LOOOOVED IT!!!!! Every part of it!!!! Even the Sexy Rexy scenes, which sometimes turn me off 😉 Daniel Craig…Yummoz and Rooney Mara makes ‘freaky’ look awesomely kick ass!!! Makes me wanna cut my bangs REALLY short and have teeeensy tiny ponytails 🙂


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