Peeps’ Movie Review: “The Iron Lady”, “Warrior”, “Martha Marcy Mae Marlene”

“The Iron Lady”

Now, I can make a proper judgement.  As much as I loved Viola Davis in “Help”, Meryl Streep, hands down, rightfully won this year’s Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

From the opening scene, I was mesmerized by Streep’s performance, but I never saw Streep.  The hair and make-up was amazing and I never saw Streep.  I only saw Thatcher.  And, beyond the hair and make-up, Streep became Thatcher!

The love story that was told between Thatcher and Denis was incredible and so touching.

I had read that other than Streep’s performance, the movie was lackluster.  Bollocks!

“The Iron Lady” made “The King’s Speech” stutter.  This was the best movie I’ve seen in years from a story point standpoint and with acting!


“Martha Marcy Mae Marlene”

I can say now that I’ve watched two Olsen twins movies.  Okay, I take that back.  I only watched one (“Beastly”) with Mary-Kate as a which.  This one stars the twins younger sister, Elizabeth.

This thriller about a backwoods cult lead by Oscar nominee John Hawkes (“Best Supporting Actor” for “Winter’s Bone” in 2010) is an intriguing movie and one that makes you think about how women (in this case) can be so submissive in a polygamist situation.

While the movie only made $3.5 million at the box office, it was definitely worth seeing because of Olsen’s performance as the young woman who escapes the cult.  But, does she?



If you like sports or boxing movies, this one is a great one.  I have to admit that I’m not a boxing fan.

However, I like two lead actors.  So, I gave it a chance and I’m glad I did.

In the movie, two estranged brothers, played by Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, end up in a five-million dollar martial arts tournament and I won’t spoil it, but it doesn’t take a genius who makes it to the final.

The heartbreak that both men and their father endures makes the movie worthwhile.

Their father is played by Nick Nolte and he definitely deserved his Oscar nomination this year.

The movie only made a respectful $23 million at the box office, but will do much better on DVD.




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