Is “Sin City” Overtly Sexist, Too?

Is sexism alive and well in Las Vegas, Nevada these days?  Since I’m going there in six months, I started checking out various websites to see what we need to do other than throw money away in the slot machines hoping to win.

As I was checking out the XS nightclub at the beautiful Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort, I saw that many of the world’s hottest DJs will be playing there over Memorial Day weekend.

What I also noticed is that the price of admission was higher for men than women.  In some cases, it was much higher!

I have David Guetta’s last two CDs, but it makes no sense to me to me that if I want to see him in concert that I have to pay more than a woman.  I don’t pay more or less because of my sex to see Madonna, Lady Gaga, or Reba.

So, I contacted the XS nightclub via email and they have not responded.

Rising star DJ Calvin Harris, who recently topped the chart with Rihanna on “We Found Love” and just scored his first solo top ten hit, “Feel So Close”, will be playing at the XS tonight and the ticket prices for men are higher than women.

Apparently, this isn’t exclusive to the XS nightclub.  DJ Kaskade is playing at the Marquee Nightclub and tickets for men are much higher than for women.

I know that some clubs have “Ladies’ Night” and I don’t have a problem with that.  But, this is not a random thing.  It seems that sexism is the way to go in Vegas.

I understand that the “nightclubs” might want some pretty women in the house to make things sexy, but there’s nothing wrong with having sexy men there, too.  And, these sexy men should not have to pay more than the women to attend the concerts.  Those men will likely be spending more  $$$ buying the sexy women cocktails all night.

Is this because women earn less than men, on average, in the U.S.?  That is unacceptable, too.

The bottom line is that I will not spend my money at any of these perceived sexists clubs when I’m in Vegas.  Additionally, I hope it’s the nightclubs and hotels doing this tacky practice and not the handlers of the DJs.  Otherwise, Calvin Harris and Kaskade, while I like your music, if you want me to listen to it, you can send it to me for free since I’d have to pay more to see you at these clubs in Las Vegas.



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