Radio Is Finally Warming Up for “Girl Gone Wild”

While some are calling Madonna’s new album, “MDNA” a flop, they’re wrong.  It debuted at the top of the chart with sales of 359,000 copies and yes, it did have the biggest second-week drop in sales in music history, but a drastic drop was expected.  Madonna didn’t do the morning show and night talk show circuit, she wasn’t on magazine covers, and she didn’t have a song on the radio.

That is changing and Madonna has accomplished something that she hasn’t done in the past decade.

“Girl Gone Wild”, the second single from the album, debuts this week at #38 on the Pop Songs chart, which is based on Top 40 radio airplay.  This follows the #24 hit, “Give Me All Your Luvin'” featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

This marks the first time since 2000-2001 that Madonna has had two singles from the same album to chart in the top 40 at radio.  More than 11 years ago, Madonna had back-to-back top five hits at radio with the #2 smash “Music” and the #4 hit, “Don’t Tell Me”.

Madonna haters, get over your attitude.  For the other 81 Top 40 radio stations that are not playing “Girl Gone Wild”, download it and start playing it tomorrow!  Why wait?  It’s a fun and bouncy song.

So, Quad Cities friends, call my friend Red Hot Brian Scott at B100 and request, “Girl Gone Wild” for me!!

I emailed Red Hot today, he’s the program director there and morning DJ, and here’s what he said, “B100 will continue to monitor local requests. We love to hear all of em!”

And, Ron & Amy, morning  live DJs over at Mix 96, in the Quad Cities (563-344-7096), also play “Give Me All Your Luvin'” and would love to be talked into playing “Girl Gone Wild”.  Tell Amy & Ron that I asked you to call and request new Madonna music because as Amy says, “I couldn’t agree more- Madonna is still relevant, still makes great music, and I’m proud to be able to spin her songs!”

With just six weeks to go, Madonna is focusing on the hugely anticipated “MDNA Tour”.

Here’s what Madonna tells MTV News to expect, “Amazing music, incredible dancing, the team of people that I worked with for the Super Bowl is working with me on this as well.  A feast for the eyes and the ears.”

Madonna will be working again with Jean-Paul Gaultier on costumes.  As you recall, he designed her famous cone bra.

Here’s another rumored set list that’s floating around and if this ends up being the actual show, I will be one happy Madonna camper.

Video intro: Erotica/Justify My Love
Girl Gone Wild
I’m A Sinner
Express Yourself
Dress You Up
Physical Attraction
Video interlude: Some Girls
Causing A Commotion
I’m Addicted
Beautiful Killer
Video interlude: Gang Bang
Die Another Day
I Don’t Give A
4 Minutes
Love Spent
Video interlude: Holiday (2012 remix)
Give Me All Your Luvin’
Deeper And Deeper
Take A Bow/Falling Free
Turn Up The Radio

Is it October 13th yet?  Am I in Las Vegas with Madonna yet?



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