25 Years Later… They’re Still On Top

Hello 2012, 1986 wants its charts back.

Two weeks after 53-year-old Madonna debuted atop the Billboard album chart with “MDNA” and 62-year-old Lionel Richie entered the chart at #2 with “Tuskegee”, Lionel Richie takes over the top spot selling 129,000 copies.

This is Lionel’s first #1 album since he spent two weeks at the top of the album chart in the fall of 1986 with “Dancing on the Ceiling”.  The title track from that album peaked at #2 Hot 100.

Lionel worked hard to earn that #1 spot because you couldn’t turn on the television without seeing him over the past couple of weeks. 7.7 million people watched him and many country stars in a concert special last Friday night on CBS.

Meanwhile, I haven’t talked about Madonna in some time (what was it, yesterday?).  There’s been a lot of fuss about how she hit #1 by bundling her “MDNA” album with VIP concert tickets, which accounted for nearly half of her album sales of 359,000 that first week.  Who cares?  Fans paid more than $250 and some up to $2,500 for those tickets that included that album.  It also means that she sold roughly 180,000 albums that first week with NO media blitz and with virtually NO radio airplay.  Not bad, at all.

Enough about the grumbling.  This is a happy blog about Lionel and Madonna, so here’s the latest Madonna accomplishment in 2012.

The second single from “MDNA”, still the biggest selling first week new album of 2012, “Girl Gone Wild” debuted at #38 on Billboard’s “Pop Songs” chart, which is based on radio airplay.

This means that for the first time since 2000-2001 that Madonna has had back-to-back Top 40 radio airplay songs from an album after “Give Me All Your Luvin'” peaked at #24 earlier this year.

More than a decade ago, she accomplished that with “Music” (#2) in 2000, and “Don’t Tell Me” (#4) in 2001.  (Here’s that song with cowgirl Madonna and hot, buff cowboys!)

Congrats Lionel and Madonna!  Long live 1986!


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