Boehner Needs To Bone Up On Discrimination Laws

I guess being misinformed is something to cry about.  Some one tell John Boehner that, especially if you are a Republican.  Help your fellow-man.

The Republican House Speaker doesn’t think there’s a need for a national law preventing workplace discrimination against LGBT people.   While Boehner says that no one should face job discrimination, he feels that the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA) is unnecessary.

He tells the “Washington Blade” that he hasn’t “thought much about it,” since “ample laws” exist to protect employees.

Clearly, Boehner is not educated enough, or doesn’t care to know, that in 29 states people can be terminated for being gay and it’s not against the law to fire transgender people in 34 states simply for their gender identity.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration isn’t much better.  Last week,  the White House announced that it will not take action against LGBT workplace discrimination at this time.

However, it says in lieu of an executive order to prohibit federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT  people, the president wants such action passed legislatively, through the ENDA bill.



One response to this post.

  1. He should let someone else do his job and he needs to retire or stop discrimination with all the laws that Obama is tryin to pass


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