What’s Important To Men & Women This Fall

It probably comes as no surprise that the economy (86%) and jobs (84%) rank the highest in a recent survey as the most important issues people are concerned with in this fall’s election.

The national survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center from  April 4-15, 2012, of 3,008 adults, shows President Obama with a 49-45% lead over Republican Mitt Romney.

The president can thank women, college graduates, African-Americans, Latinos and lower-income voters for his slight lead.  All of these groups support him over Romney by double-digits.

Women favor Obama by a 53-40% with men favoring Romney 50-44%.

What is very surprising, considering it was a topic that former GOP candidate Rick Santorum talked quite a bit about, is that gay marriage is at the bottom of the list of most important issues facing voters at only 28%!

I hope that means if the recently approved marriage equality in Washington and Maryland goes on the ballot this fall that voters in both of those states will say yes to equality.

This should not be an issue, it should be a right that we shouldn’t even have to talk about in 2012.

Just ahead of marriage equality near the bottom of the importance list is birth control (34%) and abortion (39%).  With birth control, Obama holds a big 56-37% lead with voters who rate this as very important.

Less than 50% see Iran, gun control, and Afghanistan are the most important issues.

51% of those polled rate the environment as very important, terrorism (59%), and healthcare (79%).



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