To My Straight Friends, “Thank You”

Winds of change are blowing across America and progress is being made.  And, I thank you!

In a survey conducted earlier this month by the Pew Research Center, 47% of those polled say they favor marriage rights for gays and lesbians, while 43% are opposed.

Eight years ago, in the middle of the Bush presidency, only 31% supported marriage equality with nearly twice as many people opposed.

And the racial gap is closing on marriage equality.

Today, 39% of African-Americans support marriage equality compared to 26% four years ago.  Opposition in those four years has dropped from 63% to 49%.

Among white Americans, those favoring gays and lesbians marrying has risen from 41% to 47% over the past four years.

It’s people like me that try to tell others that my marriage does not and will not affect their marriage.  But, it’s people like my straight friends that will help every American have equal rights.  Thank you.

Now check out this amazing video from the U.K. that has its own marriage equality struggle taking place.  After that, I added one of my favorite videos that conveys the same message.



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