Entertainment World, Lay off the Airbrushing

High definition television and Blu-ray DVD players are taking entertainment viewing at home to a whole new level.  It shows every blemish and wrinkle.  And, while I’m not too concerned about it on a local television level since I’ve earned every gray hair and wrinkle, Hollywood and the music industry take it very serious.  It’s so interesting to look at magazines with most, if not all, of the photos so airbrushed, the stars look the same now as they did 10, 20, 0r 30 years ago.

To prevent more wrinkles and gray hairs, I’m getting very excited about my vacation season kicking in later this month.  While I have short visits to Indianapolis, Indiana, Fort Dodge, Iowa, and western Kentucky planned, the relaxing trips I’m really looking forward to are a week in Spirit Lake, Iowa, for Memorial Day, almost a week in Houston, Texas in the fall, and of course, my birthday with the Madonna concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, in October.

With Madonna’s “MDNA Tour” kicking off in Tel Aviv, Israel, four weeks from today, I’m getting excited!!!

I’ll get back to the topic of my blog, but here are three bonus pictures:  a better image of the “MDNA Tour” logo, a picture of Madonna on stage from rehearsals to show how huge the stage is, and a picture of the pit, “The Golden Triangle”, which is where lucky fans will be — right near the stage with Madonna.  Although I have great seats, I want to be in the pit this time!!!!

Honestly, I didn’t get sidetracked with vacation and Madonna talk to forget about wrinkles, gray hairs, and airbrushing.

I want to show you the advertisement for the new “Truth or Dare by Madonna” perfume, which is exclusive to Macy’s.  While beautiful and elegant, it’s most likely majorly airbrushed for public consumption for magazines and television.

Now, look at this snapshot of Madonna rehearsing a number for the upcoming tour.  I’m not going to be ageist and mention Madonna’s age because that is irrelevant to my point.  She is absolutely stunning, gorgeous, and hot!!!!   (Those adjectives from a gay guy about a woman should carry a lot of weight!)

You can tell that beyond the persona of “Madonna”, this woman loves what she does when she’s touring and it shows.  Madonna looks as spectacular here as she did in the “Borderline” video, from 1984.  Yes, “Borderline” is my favorite Madonna song of all time!

I wish the entertainment business — movies, television, and music — would let stars age gracefully and let it show.  I don’t care if they have a few flaws or wrinkles and they don’t need to look anorexic to be sexy.

Madonna, I can’t wait to see you in five months!

One last Madonna note to counteract that bitter queen at Forbes, Roger Friedman, as he again attacks Madonna this week.

Roger, don’t be a sexist pig like you come across.  Yes, “MDNA” may have fallen to #45 in its fifth week.  You can thank radio for that for not playing her new music.  Yes, radio is ageist and her last song didn’t feature a rapper.  It didn’t fit their format.  Why don’t you keep mentioning the fact that in its eighth week on the chart that Bruce Springsteen’s former #1 album, “Wrecking Ball” has dropped to #35?  Are you afraid Bruce will kick your butt?



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kathy Markham McCoy on May 3, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Hey, I love wrinkles…Shar Pei are adorable! 😉


  2. Kathy,

    I love them, too. Panda agrees also!



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