Words & Songs From The Heart

This is one of my most personal and heartfelt blogs.  Yes, I blog about music, Madonna, and silly stuff that I like, but this is about what makes me tick.  If you want to know me better, read the words, and enjoy the lyrics of the three videos that have made me a better person.

It’s like “Peeps’ Flashback ’80s Fridays” with a song from the ’80s, the ’90s, and the ’00s, but all three from the heart.


In 1985, when I was a 20-year-old back in western Kentucky sneaking into the gay bar just to be around people like me, this song got me through some tough times at home with a belligerent, alcoholic father and his close-minded views and hate.  My sister and mother also dealt with similar views of his on a personal level, too.

I don’t have regrets, but I’d love to be able to talk to my father today and let him know that he made me a better man and he made me strong to stand up to intolerance and narrow views.

“SOME PEOPLE” — LeAnn Rimes

I love my husband and my daughter.  Some people may not understand that two men (or two women) can share the same, but love is love and it shouldn’t be labeled anything else.

“FREE YOUR MIND”  — En Vogue

I talk and blog about many things.  It’s not all gay, gay, gay.  But, now that Pandora’s box is finally opened, you’ll hear it all the time from the right-wing until Wednesday, November 7th, (“that’s why Obama won”, “that’s why Obama lost”, “it didn’t have an impact on the election”).

I don’t want to change your mind, I want to open your mind.


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  1. Posted by Lisa Adami-Taylor on May 10, 2012 at 11:29 am

    I LOVE, LOVE the EnVogue song! I haven’t posted on your blog for sometime, but I have been so over joyed for you, and my family!!! This for sure is the civil rights movement that should and will be heard!!!! I find it odd that the Right Wing who touts the U.S. Constitution every chance they get, has forgotten how to read it! I know you know what portion I am talking about. Equal rights for everyone, except if you are black, mexican, asian, purple, gay, lesbian, pink! I love reading your blogs when I actually get the chance to read them, so keep me motivated to be heard!!
    Lisa Adami-Taylor


    • Lisa,

      Even when you don’t post, I know you read them. I’m glad we always agree and we don’t, I know you’ll say so. That’s what I like about you and the rest of my friends.

      Equality and love should be all we need in the country.



  2. Posted by katiecostellowithgracie on May 10, 2012 at 11:46 am

    So, okay. This is one of those topics/subjects that is such a no brainer to me I have trouble understanding where people are coming from. In the end LOVE is what we have. LOVE. It is simple. Pure. Churches preach about it and the simplicity of it. People of all races and genders understand this concept and embrace it. They go to that place of love and understanding when they need it. They give it freely to those who they feel the need to help. Yet, we fall on details that mean nothing. LOVE is LOVE. If you are lucky enough to find it, who cares the details. It is simple. It is pure. I just wish everyone would stop getting caught in needless details that aren’t any of their business to begin with. And while we all have our own problems to work through….Anthony NAMASTE! (the divine light within me bows to the divine light in you!) I am PROUD of you for knowing and understanding who you are. Your essence. Your love and the light within. Continue to give that freely. Anyone who has problems with who you are……it is on their soul not yours. Just stand tall and scream from the mountaintops that YOU are love. And man or woman…your relationships are pure. Since this is spurred by politics….I have to say I HATE that there are people analyzing which sect of population you need to say the right things to to try to get a vote. It isn’t sincere at all. And that saddens me. TRULY makes me question so much. But in the end we all have choices….behind the smoke and mirrors are TRUTHS that we don’t get to see until after election day IF ever. Choose wisely, and what I am MOST taking away from this blog post is that we need to think…and think more. And listen…and read between the lines…and think. AND QUESTION. And then decide based on so many issues…who we will entrust leadership roles (at whatever level) to. Well said Anthony…keep spreading the love!


    • Katie,

      Thank you for speaking so freely from the bottom of your heart.

      Love is something that we need more of in this world and not less of. I hope one day more people realize that.

      I appreciate your friendship and compassion to humans and animals. 🙂



  3. Posted by glena downs on May 10, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Dear Anthony,Thank your for allowing me to know u on a personal level.I’m so happy that u r not affrade to put it all out there.Maybe u can help me.I have a male friend that is gay and he is hidding it from everyone for he’s affrade what others may think.I told him that this is who u r and stand proud and own it.his family has no idea and hurts me that he is affrade to tell his family.he’s a great Guy and I told him that his family loves him no matter what and they will except u as u r because they love him.I beleave that once his family knows he wont b affrade to keep it private.hope u can help.thank you for being my friend I don’t care if u r gay straight black or white.u r a great person Anthony and I’m proud to know u even if of is only on fb.have a great day and lots of love going your way
    Senceraly Glena downs


    • Glena,

      I appreciate the fact that you’re taking the time to get to know me.

      I’m sorry that your friend is afraid to come out and as sad as it may be for you to watch, he will be able to when the time is right. Yes, there will always be mean-spirited people that may say hateful things, but there will be more people that will be there for him.

      Having a friend like you will make the all the difference in the world.



  4. Posted by Kathy Markham McCoy on May 10, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Thank you for always being YOU…real & truthful & telling-it-like-it-is. I had a facebook friend ask once what a favorite quote by a fictional character was, & the one that popped in my head was “I meant what I said & I said what I meant” (by Horton the Elephant, lol!). I’d like to think that quote applies to me, & I certainly believe it applies to you.

    I have seen so much hatred & ignorance directed toward so many of my friends over the years. It has to stop.

    I Like all the songs you listed, but I too have a special fondness for Corey Hart’s “Never Surrender”, for my own life experiences & that of many of my loved ones:

    “So if you’re lost and on your own
    You can never surrender
    And if your path won’t lead you home
    You can never surrender

    And when the night is cold and dark
    You can see, you can see light
    ‘Cause no one can take away your right
    To fight and to never surrender”

    God Bless you & yours, Anthony. Never Surrender, my friend.


  5. Kathy,

    You know me, I’m me and I hope you like me for who I am, because I will not change for anyone.

    I love Horton’s quote!

    The Corey Hart song is so powerful and thought-provoking! It’s been there for me for 27 years! And, on a lighter note, he was so easy on the eyes! 🙂

    I’m blessed to have you as a friend and I will “Never Surrender”.



  6. Posted by Kathy Hyson on May 10, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Anthony…you are just a remarkable man…I can’t imagine all you’ve had to come through to get where you are today…and even though we’ve never met in person I’m so proud and fortunate to be able to call you a friend. 🙂


    • Kathy,

      Thank you very much. I agree that although we haven’t actually met, I still feel I know people from what they post and their correspondences.

      Please keep in touch.



  7. I’m glad you shared your story. I didn’t know you where gay. But it don’t change how I feel about you as a person. Your still my favorite weather man. And I enjoy reading your post. I’m going to start reading more of your blocs too. Thankyou for being my friend. And I hope to someday meet you in person. Get on smililing. Its beautiful.


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