My Blog Hits 40,000+ Views

I appreciate all of you checking out what I post and what I have to say.  I started my blog on January 7, 2012, and it took two months and two weeks for me to reach the first 20,000 views on March 22, 2012.

To reach the next 20,000 views for a total of 40,020 this evening, it took one week shy of two months.

What posts have been the most popular since I started the blog on January 7, 2012?  Let the countdown begin!

#15   “Ray & Gretel, 3 Years!  ‘We’re So Good Together'”

#14  “‘Miss ABBA Is Home”

#13 “There is a Heaven & I’ll Be Going There One Day”

#12  “Miss ABBA’s Medical Update”

#11   “Miss ABBA, It’s Been 24 Hours.  Daddy A Misses You So Much”

#10  “Significant Snow Possible Friday”

#9  “First Winter Storm of the Season”

#8  “Two Golden Moments This Bleak Afternoon”

#7  “Miss ABBA:  Video Tribute”

#6  “Miss ABBA, I’ll Cherish This Piece of Art Forever”

#5  “Hats Off To Jason Mraz’s Love of Equality”

#4  “ABBA:  My Best Friend”

#3 “Will John Travolta Finally Be Forced Out of the Closet?”

#2  “Do We Really Need To Tell Adele She’s “Too Fat”

#1  “Super Bowl Bet:  50 Cent, I’ll Pay You A Dollar To Keep It To Yourself”


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