I Definitely Think Too Much — Check Out This Mish Mash of Thoughts

My mind is like cable television and radio.  There’s always something playing and I tend to flip channels constantly.  I’m always thinking about something and many things at once.

That’s one of the main reasons that I started my blog back in January.  I don’t think that everything I write is going to change the world or the way people think and many entries are not intended for that purpose.  Sometimes, I just want an avenue to write about things or share some videos.

However, there are blog entries that come from the heart and that have emotional punch.  Some are written to help enlighten people about an injustice that I want to vent about because I’m passionate about the topic.

This blog entry is not that!  It’s like potpourri, this & that, a mash-up of things that I’m thinking about today, but not enough that I want to write a full blog.  So, brace yourself, there’s no rhyme or reason or method to my madness here. 🙂



I hope all of you had a great weekend and that you did something special for the women in your life.

After both of us losing 16 pounds since Christmas, Ray and I took dietary liberties this past weekend with a large bag of popcorn between the two of us while seeing “Dark Shadows” Friday.  (I gave the movie a grade of B+).  Meanwhile, I ate the free refill on the popcorn Saturday and Sunday, so I’m one bag of bad, yummy popcorn up on you, Ray.

Then, on Sunday, we took my sister, Tammy, to Jumer’s Casino for Mother’s Day brunch and while we made mostly good decision, it was definitely more food than we’ve eaten lately.

I filled every plate that I got with very tasty, juicy cantaloupe to counteract the less healthy choices and to act as filler.  My four plates consisted of cantaloupe and salad, cantaloupe and two small pancakes, cantaloupe and a fried chicken breast (skinless), which I shared with Ray and three fried jumbo shrimp, and then cantaloupe and two more jumbo fried shrimp and steamed veggies.  I topped my meal off with a bite size portion of carrot cake, a small blondie brownie, a bite-size portion of bread pudding, and a small bowl of vanilla ice cream with crushed toffee and a few white chocolate chips.

All in all, with exercise this weekend and skipping dinner Sunday night, I only gained a couple of pounds, which I still haven’t lost at midweek!


Here’s a case of auto correct gone wrong, as Neil Patrick Harris tweets a sweet message to his mother — if she’s a cannibal!


Since I was on the morning show for two years from the summer of 2009-2011, I was accustomed to only getting a few hours of sleep each night.  Now that I’ve been on a normal sleep schedule, I really haven’t mastered the sleep thing.  When I get six hours of sleep, I consider that a great night.

A few nights ago, I was awakened by two weird dreams.  In the first, I died of cancer and I was witnessing my funeral.  It was unnerving for me since my grandfather and my father both died of cancer.  I wasn’t concerned about the funeral part because I’ve already told Ray that I don’t want a funeral, I want a party as a memorial.  Celebrate life!  Don’t mourn death!

So, as I lie in bed, I shook that off and drifted off again.  This time, I was walking in a parking lot and I collapsed.  And, you’ll never guess who was there to pick me up!  No, not Ray.  It was Dexter Morgan!

So, like the first title in the “Dexter” book series, I guess I’m “Darkly Dreaming Dexter”.  However, like the other dream, the collapse was brought on by cancer!  WTH????

I think I’d rather not sleep and be tired!



While I haven’t gone out and bought the new album, I’m excited with the fun, catchy song, “Primadonna”, by the Welsh band Marina and the Diamonds.  The group will be touring this summer in the U.S. with Coldplay.

This could be good or bad depending on your taste, but it’s the best song that Katy Perry didn’t record.


Every once in a while, I hear someone who I think is going to shake up the music business with their sound.  Six months before Lady Gaga went mainstream with “Just Dance” in 2008, I was in love with her.  However, like many dance artists before her, I knew that I would love her (there was this singer back in the fall of 1983 that I felt the same way about, Madonna, I think was her name?) and she’d probably be ignored by pop radio.  I’m glad I was wrong.

Back on March 16, 2012, I blogged about Canadian singer, Carly Rae Jepsen, and her cute, catchy song “Call Me Maybe”.  Now, she and that song are inescapable on the radio.  And, the video is fun to watch and it’s very easy on the eyes.  Gretel loves it, too!  Her reply after seeing the video for the first time and the shocking conclusion, “she wasted her time!”  Too funny!

Now,  everybody and their mother are making their own videos of themselves dancing around lip-synching the song.  There’s been Justin Bieber (who brought Carly Rae to fame) and his friends, Katy Perry and her southern California buddies, baseball teams, and mostly hot West Hollywood (WeHo) gay boys and beautiful drag queen, Rhea Litre.


And, sadly, for fans of ’80s music and Culture Club, the Anthony-much anticipated 30-year-reunion tour doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this year.  Back in 2008, I had tickets to see Boy George live in concert at the House of Blues in Chicago.  And, then he went and did something stupid while on drugs.  I guess it’s still against the law in the U.K. to chain a male escort to the wall against his will, even if you’re a has been ’80s music icon.

Well, in late March of this year, Boy George confirmed that Culture Club is working on new music and the album would be released in 2013, but he didn’t mention a date for the tour. 😦

While I love Kelly Clarkson and I like Carrie Underwood, I’ve never bought any music from the contestants on “American Idol” and that’s eleven seasons of music!  However, I do have Reba’s “Duets” album that features Kelly on “Because of You”.

That changed yesterday.  I ordered the just released Adam Lambert album, “Trespassing”.  I’ve been aware of Lambert since 2009 when he was the runner-up on Season 8.  He was the rocker that everybody was talking about who sported guy-liner and had people asking, is he or isn’t he?

I do like his song, “Whataya Want From Me”, from his debut album that reached #10 in 2010.  However, that was no reason to buy the album.

But, after reading a few articles about him in my alternative magazines over the past few months, I decided to listen to the preview snippets of the new album and it definitely sounds fun.  The first album was more in your face rock.  This one appears to be more club-driven.  You know, “it has a good beat and you can dance to it”!

So, Kristy Mergenthal, I’m a convert.  I’m giving your boy a chance!

Adam Lambert performing new song, “Never Close Our Eyes” recently on “American Idol”




Meanwhile, I’m not always right on new talent.  I thought Natalia Kills would be huge in the U.S. last year, but that didn’t happen.  However, “Wonderland” is still one of the best and most demented videos I saw last year.  Well, next to Duck Sauce’s “Big Bad Wolf”.

“Wonderland” — Natalia Kills.

WARNING:  Violent!

“Big Bad Wolf”  — Duck Sauce

WARNING:  Obscene, disturbing, and truly mesmerizing.  You’ll watch it thinking how did the censors approve that with your mouth ajar.  Remember, the scene in the elevator in “Pretty Woman” when the man is staring at Julia Roberts’ Vivian and the woman barks, “close your mouth dear”.  Yeah, it’s like that!

See, I told you that this one was all over the place!  Thank you for checking it out!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Larry Newingham on May 20, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    Big bad wolf is very weird, kinda liked it but weird


  2. Larry,

    It is over the top strange. I think that’s why it’s entertaining.



  3. […] I Definitely Think Too Much — Check Out This Mish Mash of Thoughts […]


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