“Peeps’ Friday ’80s Flashback”‏ — Special

My ’80s flashbacks this week are in memory of Donna Summer, who passed away yesterday at the age of 63.

She dominated disco music in the 1970s with the song that put her on the music radar, “Love To Love You Baby” in 1975 and other chart smashes from her “Bad Girls” album.

As we headed in the Reagan era, disco was falling out of graces at radio, so Donna adapted well with more of a rock sound.

She hit it big in 1983 when “She Works Hard For The Money” peaked at #3.

After disco faded away in the 1980s, Donna made a comeback in the late-1980s and scored her last top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

“This Time I Know It’s For Real” peaked at #7 in 1989, from the album, “Another Place and Time”.  The album was fantastic, but overlooked because she was still known as the “Queen of Disco”.

“Sunset People”

Although this song was never released as a single in the United States, it was from Donna’s hugely successful, “Bad Girls” album.  It was released in the U.K. and Holland in the summer of 1980 and it’s still one my favorite songs.  “Dim All The Lights” is and will always be my favorite Donna Summer song.



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