Only Six Days Away Now! Is the Middle East Ready???

For your benefit, I’ve tried really hard not to be a total Madonna-obsessed fan lately.  While she was mentioned in four blogs over the past two weeks, I haven’t written a full blog about her since May 14th.  However, with the news I have today, I couldn’t contain myself.

After months of preparation and weeks of rehearsals in New York, Madonna has arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel, early to prepare for the kick-off of the “MDNA Tour” next Thursday night.  But, the big news is that she has released pictures of the actual rehearsals complete with costumes and sets.  All I can say is “OMG” and “Is it October 13th yet”?

One more thing before the incredible pictures.

A website called is reporting that late night show host Conan O’Brien will be in Israel for the opening of the tour.  The site claims that Conan will exclusively cover the concert for a television on TBS.  He will be accompanied by 20 people and three broadcast teams.  I have not been able to confirm that yet, but Madonna’s camp recently hinted that there was some U.S. publicity coming before the “MDNA Tour” reaches the states on August 28, 2012, in Philadelphia.

Now, the fantastic sneak preview pictures starting off with my favorite, a very “Dexter”-esque one!

L-U-V Madonna! Y-O-U you wanna!



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