Slow News Day? You’ll Never Guess Why Slob Rush Limbaugh Is Criticizing Anderson Cooper

I actually slept in this morning and then I took a walk and the carp and gars are really roaming in the slough on the other side of Big Spirit Lake.

When I got back from my nature walk, I started checking out the websites that I usually check out on a daily basis.  Okay,  maybe several times a day and a battle of words between CNN “hottie” Anderson Cooper and conservative radio show “nottie” Rush Limbaugh caught my attention.

You probably already know that I can’t stand Limbaugh and his stupid and many times, inaccurate, views on things.  I’ve even called him out before in my blog about his badgering of a lesbian couple that got a divorce.  It is so ironic that Limbaugh would make fun of anyone for getting a divorce.  I didn’t realize having the right to get married and then go your separate ways was such a funny thing.  But, then again, when you’ve done it three times and you’re on your fourth marriage, maybe it is funny?

I guess while sitting at the breakfast buffet eating his third or fourth helping of pancakes with extra butter and syrup (I don’t know if this is anywhere near the truth since I’ve never and would never have breakfast with Limbaugh), Rush must have been reading about Anderson Cooper and thought he would spend a lot of time talking (fantasizing) about Cooper at bars, the gym, and other places.

So, being the consummate professional, Cooper called Limbaugh out on his inaccuracies.  However, Cooper did give Limbaugh credit for reporting that he actually goes to the gym and works out and that maybe Rush should try it sometime.

This is incredible.

Rush, just shut up and stop being a jealous slob.


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