Rambling Mind and Random Thoughts


It’s bright and early Wednesday and I’m doing “Good Morning Quad Cities” and “News 8 at 11”.  This means I was wide awake at 2 a.m.  Okay, maybe I wasn’t wide awake until the Diet Sunkist kicked in.  The nice thing about this shift is that my work day will be over at noon and I can start another five-day mini-vacation.  I’m really excited because Betty, “Mom”, is coming to visit us and we have a surprise for her.  I know she doesn’t have computer access now in Kansas, but I won’t take a chance of spoiling the surprise.

Some of my posts recently have been deep, so today it’s time to have a little fun and let the mind wander and flip channels and talk about this and that.


After a couple of pleasant days in the Quad Cities it’s going to be hot this weekend, so why not take a dip in the pool.  I think Gretel, Ray, and I need to visit my sister’s apartment this summer and enjoy her pool.  Here’s a swimming blooper from Miss ABBA last summer at Betty’s house in Ohio.  All the poor dog wanted was the ball.  This is priceless.

Maybe this was the reason?  Seriously, don’t call ASCPA or PETA, she was only taste testing!  🙂


Even with all of the wonderful and less than diet-friendly foods we ate when we visited Ray’s parents in Spirit Lake, Iowa, last week, we’re having great success with our healthy eating and exercise routine thanks mostly to myfitnesspal.com.  Since Christmas, Ray has lost 20 pounds and I’ve lost 18 pounds.  He has about 16 more to go and I have 5.  After that, the key will be to maintain that weight through the end of the year.

We both have our 30-year high school reunions, our trips to Houston, Texas, seeing Madonna in Las Vegas, and the Christmas Caribbean cruise coming up.  We’ll have many opportunities to indulge in naughty food between events and still get back on track.


Speaking of Madonna in Vegas for my birthday, her “MDNA Tour” kicked off last week in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the reviews are phenomenal.  And, I wasn’t able to avoid the crappy video from cell phones and cameras on YouTube.  I’ve already been checking it out and even with poor quality, I’m so very excited to see the show and sad that it’s still four months away!

Here’s what Hazel Ward of AFP wrote of the tour kick-off, “Dark Catholic imagery was spliced with blood, guts and guns as Madonna burst onto the stage at Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan stadium late on Thursday to kick off her hotly-anticipated MDNA world tour of some 30 countries.”

And, of course, the tour is already causing controversy.  If you’re not familiar with her concerts, there’s always one video montage that makes people think and this one is no different.  The interlude to “Nobody Knows Me” has the leader of the French National Front party, Marine Le Pen, ticked off.  The party has long been associated with and accused of racism and in the video, there’s an image of Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.

Le Pen shot back at Madonna, “We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes.  If she does that in France, we will be waiting.”  Madonna is probably shaking in her sexy majorette boots, I’m sure!

Here’s a cool video of  “Like A Prayer” shot in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Since the Madonna show is months away, I must live in the current.  I have no travel planned for July, so I’m going to attempt to make a cheesecake for the first time from scratch.  Two Christmases ago, I asked Santa for cheesecake springform pans and got five.  So, it’s time to get in the kitchen and put on my best Julia Child hat and make a cheesecake.  I have the flavors narrowed down to lemon, cranberry-orange, butter pecan, banana split, or turtle.  From this picture, you can see which one I’m leaning toward!


This may not come as a surprise to you, but it’s 100% official.

And, why not just be optimistic and think ahead to 2016.


“Timebomb” by Kylie Minogue is my new favorite song and video and while I know it most likely will not be played on American radio,  I’m bummed that it won’t be included on “The Best of Kylie Minogue”  CD/DVD that comes out June 19th.

“Call Me Maybe”, my favorite new find three months ago, still rocks my world!


I’m back to food again.  I get to indulge in movie theater popcorn five times in June and July.  How’s that for dieting??

I’m very excited for “Rock of Ages” (June 15) and “Magic Mike” (June 29).

Three others that I want to see are  “Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter” (June 22, but I’m going to wait and see this one when it goes to our second-run theater), “The Amazing Spider Man” (July 3, Andrew Garfield is so adorable, but there’s something about the creepy, ravenous 9-foot “Lizard” that I can’t wait to see!) and “The Dark Knight Rises” (July 20).


And, Father’s Day comes early from JC Penney and their new advertisement.  You mean there really are families with two dads just like in “The Family Book” by Todd Parr?  Don’t tell some people in Erie, Illinois that!

Have a great day.


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