A Cabin Getaway For Every Season

I hope you all have a fun weekend planned.  We surprised Betty (Mom) by putting her in the car this morning and driving her to the cabin for the weekend in Dubuque, Iowa, that we’ve visited in the past.  She just arrived in the Quad Cities yesterday and now we’re overlooking the bluffs of the Mississippi River.

I really want to get some relaxing in since this is my last getaway until the middle of August!!  I thought vacation season would be never-ending after our week in Spirit Lake, Iowa, the week of Memorial Day.  Well, technically, vacation will be never-ending when I match the correct six lottery numbers in one drawing!

With this visit, Ray and I have now been to cabin in each of the four seasons.  It’s a delightful little inexpensive getaway.

Our first visit was back in December 2009, one week before Christmas.  It was so peaceful roaming the snow-covered trails in the woods, looking for deer tracks (we didn’t see many since I believe there was hunting going on), and taking some fun holiday-themed pictures.

Our second visit, in October 2010, gave us a chance to see the changing of the leaves and this was Gretel’s first visit.  We also checked out the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

A good time was had by all, even when Gretel wanted a piggy back ride while Miss ABBA led the way 16 feet ahead of us on her leash.  Broken pavement sent me sprawling and luckily, quick thinking on my behalf kept Gretel from hitting the pavement.  And, Miss ABBA just looked back and thought, “we’re on a walk, why are you two on the ground?”

We didn’t visit the cabin in 2011, but just three months ago, Ray and I came here over St. Patrick’s Day weekend and there sure wasn’t too much green.  It was also the first time we’d been to the cabin without Miss ABBA and it was weird walking the trails and not having the golden gathering sticks!

So, now we’re here in what we’re going to call our summer visit.  Technically, us weather people call June 1st through August 30th, “meteorological summer”.

Have a great weekend.



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