Girl Fight — Girl Gone Wild or Just Entertainment?

Remember back to high school?  Did you go to one of those small schools where there was always some kind of drama going on or was it just my school?  More specifically, was it just my bus route and neighborhood?  I remember my sister, Tammy, in high school always in some confrontation with other girls.  It was interesting bus ride for sure. 🙂  Kids!

Now, the same thing is happening in two different parts of the world and the “girls” this time are 53-years-old and 26-years-old.  One of the girls is having fun poking at the other girl from the Middle East and Europe and the other is in New Zealand talking about people mocking other people and both are doing it from sold out stages to some of their biggest fans.

Of course I’m talking about Madonna and Lady Gaga!  Here’s how the “girl fight” started.

When “Born This Way” was released in early 2011, critics claims it sounded a lot like and ripped off Madonna’s 1989 hit, “Express Yourself”.

In an ABC interview, Madonna responded, “When I heard it on the radio, I said that sounds very familiar” and “it felt reductive.”  When questioned by interviewer Cynthia McFadden whether that was a good or bad thing, Madonna replied “look it up.”  It means “simplified or crude”!

Gaga took the high road and didn’t say anything about the controversy.  She doesn’t deny being inspired by Madonna over the past 30 years.  Who hasn’t and there has been Britney, Xtina, Rihanna, and countless others?

The controversy sparked again at the end of May when Madonna’s “MDNA Tour” kicked off in Tel Aviv, Israel.  During her performance of “Express Yourself”, Madonna goes into a mash-up of that song and “Born This Way” before going into her own song “She’s Not Me” from her “Hard Candy” album.

Was this a friendly poke at the rivalry between her and Gaga or just down right bitchiness from the undisputed “Queen of Pop”?  You decide.

Through all of this Gaga has remained mum about it until a recent concert in New Zealand.  During her performance of “Hair”, which has been used extensively across the world to promote acceptance and to fight bullying, Gaga exclaimed, “I learned so much this year about that, I learned a lot about negativity, I’ve learned a lot about people trying to tear you down.  It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work. And that doesn’t make me feel good at all. That just makes me feel like I’m not being a good human being.”

Clearly, Gaga is feeling the sting of her idol’s words and actions.  But, is it real?  Is Madonna really threatened by Lady Gaga?  Is she really bitter and vindictive about Gaga’s success or just having a little entertainment, thought-provoking, button pushing fun?  I mean, really, Madonna wouldn’t do anything just to be controversial, would she?

Maybe this answers that question.  While performing Thursday night in Istanbul, Turkey, Madonna, during “Human Nature” got caught up in her 1990s sex-crazed Madonna “Erotica”-persona and flashed her right boob at the crowd!

Now that I’ve deviated, let me get back on track.  As you know, I love Madonna and I have idolized her for 30 years.  While I’ve never met her (Madonna, if you or Guy Oseary reads this, I’ll be at your Las Vegas show October 13th on my birthday!  I’d love to meet you.), I’m sure Madonna can be bitchy.  Have you seen “Madonna’s Truth or Dare”?

However, Madonna made it to the top of the entertainment by being a strong business woman, a demanding artist striving for perfection, and the best at what she does.  I think she is a woman full of compassion toward upcoming younger female artists.  Madonna is confident in herself and I’d put my money on her playing the show biz game and selling the Madonna stage persona.

There’s room enough in this world to love both Madonna and Lady Gaga.

And, to end this on a positive note, Madonna is reportedly shooting the video for “Turn Up The Radio”, the third single from “MDNA” and Lady Gaga has announced that she will be releasing the title of her new album, the follow-up to “Born This Way”, in September.  She’s already been playing songs for her label and getting incredible feedback.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by dogmomdiva on June 10, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Can’t we just all get along?! LOL..I’ve not been a huge fan of Madonna but I do like some of her music..but I don’t think she needs to put down Gaga..there’s room for both in this big world..
    Girl fights, I worked at a high school for 7 years and I will tell you that girls fight more than boys, almost always over a boy and from what I’ve seen, much more intense and ok I’ll admit it, more interesting than a boy pulling, etc..the boys don’t even want to get involved in those messes!
    Anthony, I hope your dream comes true on your birthday!!!



  2. Posted by Kathy Markham McCoy on June 11, 2012 at 12:53 am

    I was amused to find that YouTube removed the video due to “Nudity or sexual content”. They’ll post people getting the hell beat out of them, but not a flash of a bare breast. Big Brother meddling in free speech & expression once again.


  3. Kathy,

    That’s very true! Thank you for posting and letting me know. I deleted that part from the story.



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