I’m Sticking With Weather, But I’m Adding to My Resume

When asked about my career as a television meteorologist, I always reply that weather is my first love.  I have wanted to be a weatherman since I was four years old.

Now that I’m getting older, I still love weather, but I’m always looking to expand my interests.  I’ve worked on and emceed various fundraisers over the past few years.  I also use my blog, that I stared in January, to advocate causes that are near and dear to my heart.

And, I’m always looking forward to the next adventure to add to my resume and accomplishments.

Last night, at the Moline City Council meeting, Mayor Don Welvaert appointed me and two others to city’s “Human Rights Commission”.

For the next year or so, I will be part of the group that works to end unlawful discrimination within the City of Moline.  The Human Rights Commission also educates “the public through meetings, distribution of materials, and educational seminars as it pertains to the illegality of discrimination and the rights of persons who have suffered from unlawful discrimination and the remedies available to them under existing law”.

In addition to this new challenge for the city of Moline, I’ll be serving, once again, on the planning committee for the Project of the Quad Cities’ annual fall fundraiser, “Project Chocolate”, that raises money and awareness for HIV positive mothers and children living in the Quad City area.

This year’s fundraiser marks the event’s third year and I’ve been involved all three years.  Back in 2010, I was asked to be a judge of the chocolate culinary delights.  Last year, in addition to judging, I also acted as emcee the day of the event.  However, more importantly, I was also on the fundraising and planning committee.  It was very exciting to be a part of the event from the very beginning.

Earlier this year, I was asked if I’d be co-chair for the event.  But, with my schedule, I didn’t have the time.  Nevertheless, I’ll still be on the planning and fundraising committee and I’m hoping for a very successful event.

If you attend this year’s “Project Chocolate” event, you’ll get to sample delicious chocolate creations from several of the Quad Cities’ finest restaurants, caterers and chocolatiers and you will be part of the judging committee to pick the best of the best.

The evening will also feature entertainment, a raffle, wine tasting and a cash bar.

Ticket prices this year are lower than in the past.  Individual tickets are $20, but you can get two for $35 for couples.

“Project Chocolate” this year is Friday, September 21st at the Stern Center, 1703 3rd Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois. from 6-9 pm.

So, in addition to work and counting down to vacations this fall, I think I’ll have enough to keep me busy.



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  1. Posted by Dorothy DeMay on June 13, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    You will be awesome! If any of my prevention presentations on DV & Child Sex Trafficking can be of use to you, just get ahold of me. You know how! Again congratulations, Peeps! You are the man!


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