Moving to “Dallas” For the Summer?

My livelihood is in television as a meteorologist, but can you believe that I don’t watch television?

We dropped Mediacom cable late last year because we were paying an outrageous amount of money for a service we didn’t use.  I pretty much lost interest in “the tube” when reality took over and with shows like “Bristol Palin:  Life’s A Tripp”, “Jersey Shore”, “Snooki and JWoww”, “The Bachelor”, “The Bachelorette”, and anything with “The Real Housewives of <insert city here>”, or the Kardashians on now or coming soon, why bother?

I still love serialized television shows.  My favorite all-time television shows are “Picket Fences”, “The X-Files”, “Dynasty”, “Melrose Place”, “Reba”,

and “Solid Gold”.  Yes, that “Solid Gold” with the dancers dressed in lame and sequins and performers lip-synching to their biggest hits.

“Dexter”, “Fringe”, “The Walking Dead”, “Glee”, and “American Horror Story” are the only shows that I love now, but I wait for them to arrive on DVD so I can watch a few episodes at a time and not be bother with commercials.

We still have “True Blood”, “Six Feet Under”, and “Breaking Bad” to dive into one day and I also want to watch all nine seasons of “The X-Files” again with Ray since he hasn’t watched it.  Those all sound like perfect ways to get through the next long, cold, snowy winter.

And, since networks want instant ratings gratification, some of my recent favorites, “Eli Stone” (two seasons), Commander In Chief” (one season), and “Invasion” (one season) bit the dust before they had really had a chance.

So, earlier this year, when TNT announced a reboot of “Dallas” with Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing), Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing), and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing) returning to the series, and hotties Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe, as Ewing offsprings, John Ross III and Christopher, I was excited and ready to check it out.

Since I worked Wednesday night when it premiered to stellar ratings of 6.9 million total viewers, which the TNT network claims is a “year-to-date high for scripted series premieres on cable”, I was ready to go drilling for oil and a new guilty pleasure.  Spoiler alert ahead, so stop reading if you haven’t watched the first few minutes of the premiere!!!!!

Last night, I watched the first of the two episodes available and I was impressed.  The acting is good and I’m sure the story will take off quickly since the first season is only ten episodes (the season finale is set for August 15th).

Patrick Duffy, now 63, is grayer and heavier, but still looks good; Larry Hagman, almost 81-years-old, looks great (except for the very distracting frost bitten-looking eyebrows); and Linda Gray (almost 72) looks incredible!

In the updated version 20-years-later, Bobby finds out he has a rare cancer in the show’s first few minutes.  J.R. is up to no good after a fake-out at the beginning of the show, and Sue Ellen, off the bottle, is running for Governor of Texas.  After the late Ann Richards, Texas needs another great woman in that office!  Look at the men that have been in charge of the state.  Oops, wait, that is reality.  This “Dallas” is not real.  So, strike that political comment. 🙂

Will I move to “Dallas” this summer and make it part of my weekly routine online?  Maybe.  I took a chance on “American Horror Story” and I’m glad I did.

Oh, and if you’re still reading.  How about a Patrick Duffy flashback and a look at the new boys of Southfork Ranch?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Erynn :)) on June 15, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    The new “Dallas” looks amazing… so amazing, I bought the first & second seasons of the FIRST show on Amazon (and yes, it was cheaper than buying the DVD version), and I am watching them one by one on my computer! 😀 Yay! :))


    • Erynn,

      I was almost a teenager when the original premiered and I loved it. I’m not at what point I stopped watching it. I didn’t watch the entire original run.




  2. Posted by Deb Griffin Senko on November 24, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    I watched the original Dallas from the beginning to the end. Can’t say I remember everything but I do remember watching on a weekly basis. When the new Dallas came out I thought what could they possibly do to bring need life but after watching the first season I found it quite enjoyable and entertaining. Loved it!!!!!


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