Dreaming of Christmas, Not Necessarily a White Christmas

I’m sitting here this Sunday morning drinking coffee with three artificial sweeteners listening to the thunder as it rumbles and watching the lightning as it streaks across the sky.  We just came back from a walk with light rain falling over the Quad Cities.  Our yard desperately needs the rain because it’s already turning brown from the lack of rain this year (more than 3″ behind average).

However, my thoughts are not really on today.  I say skip the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. (Notice I didn’t want to skip my birthday with Madonna in Las Vegas in October!)

Yes, I’m happy for my independence from Great Britain, I’m sure my employer is happy with the money and social contributions I make for them, I love candy, making jack-o-lanterns, and watching Michael Myers knock off babysitters with a really long knife, and I definitely love turkey, desserts, and the Thanksgiving feast.

But, for some reason, several times lately, I’ve been thinking of Christmas and since Christmas Eve is six months from today, I thought it would be fun to see if anyone has already had Christmas cross their mind.  I know I’ve seen posts on Facebook that some have already started shopping.

I love Christmas music and Christmas decorations.  I wish we could leave the decorations up year around.  I guess if we were a “redneck woman”, we could leave the Christmas lights on the front porch all year long!

And, when I’m really stressed, I listen to Christmas music and the stress just evaporates.

Christmas 2012 will be a much different one for us.  I don’t have a lot of people who I shop for, but this year, we’re not buying presents for each other.  My Christmas list consists of Ray, Gretel, Tammy (my sister), Betty (Mom), and Ray’s parents (Ray & Donna).  This year, I will only have to buy something for Ray’s parents, since the Christmas present for the rest of us is the Carnival Cruise that we’re going on December 20-24th!

As you may know, we’re going down to New Orleans a day early so we can see the “Crescent City” all aglow in Christmas beauty and stuff ourselves with beignets and frozen Au Cafe Lait from Cafe Du Monde.

I don’t think Gretel knows anything else exists in N’awlins except for beignets and alligators (I went on a “swamp tour” when I was there in April 2010).  Before we go, I have to watch “The Princess and the Frog” again because I was on the morning show when she showed it to me and I did sleep through most of it.

We will decorate this year, but it will be weird not being here to enjoy the tree leading up to Christmas and not having any presents under the tree.  Maybe we can wrap empty boxes for show?

It’ll also be strange not having Miss ABBA around this Christmas.  I always got a kick out of her opening her own presents.  She loved ripping the paper off and hoping to find a tasty treat inside the package.

So, while visions of sugar plums dance in my head, I’m really thinking of the Christmas cruise around the western Caribbean and four straight days of endless buffets!  Have I mentioned that I love buffets?  Don’t worry, I’ll fill eat plate half full of fruit and veggies!

With that being said, I should try to live every day to the fullest this summer and this fall.  As my grandmother Helen used to say when we were kids and we wished a certain day would arrive, she would yell, “you’re just wishing your life away.”  I always thought that since she was much older than me, the reality was that I was wishing her life away.  But, now that I’m old enough to be a father (and in today’s crazy world, a grandfather), maybe I should slow down and enjoy the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

But, why not have a comedic Christmas song for good measure since it’s too early in the year to really enjoy my favorite Christmas song, “O Holy Night”!  And, we can even pretend the rain is snow!



4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Dixie on June 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I so love you blogs.Thanks for sharing your life..You are blessed to have a wonderful family and all the wonderful things you do with each other..
    God bless Antony..


  2. Dixie,

    You are too kind.

    I don’t see sharing my life as any big deal. I just see the blog as an avenue for me to express my thoughts and be me.

    I’m glad you enjoy reading them. Sometimes I try to be funny (and maybe fail) and sometimes I have serious things I want to talk about.

    I appreciate all of my friends, whether we’ve met or not. I still feel like I know something about my friends, too, even just by Facebook!

    Take care and have a great week ahead.



  3. Posted by Kathy Markham McCoy on June 24, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    OMGosh, I was just thinking how we are half way to Christmas already, then I read your blog entry! I caught myself humming “Sleigh Ride” a few days ago, got out my Yankee Candle “Balsam & Cedar” candle & took a big whiff 🙂

    I have always told people they can remember my birthday by thinking “Christmas in July”, since Christmas is the 25th of December & my birthday is the 25th of July. I usually watch “Christmas Vacation” or “The Grinch” or another festive holiday show some time that week. So yes, I am already thinking of the holidays. We even were discussing back on Father’s Day who would be hosting the gatherings this year. Hmmm…maybe a little of my excessive planning kicking in? 😉

    I’ll be happy when autumn gets here, my favorite season. Then I’ll really start dreaming of Christmas!


  4. Kathy,

    That is a perfect way to remember your birthday and to watch one of your favorite holiday movies is even better!

    It’s never too early to think about the Christmas holiday!



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