The Oreo Cookie Shows Its Pride

The Oreo cookie is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.  Happy birthday “Oreo Biscuit”, the cookies’ original name!

Since its introduction, it has had more name and flavor changes than Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan, Joan Collins’ character on “Dynasty”!  There was “Oreo Biscuit”, “Oreo Sandwich”, “Oreo Cream Sandwich” and “Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie”, but I’ve always just called it “Oreo”.

As for flavors, there has always been the original chocolate cookie with creme filling.  But, the company has also offered lemon, chocolate, strawberry milkshake, “Oreo DQ Blizzard Creme”, peanut butter, banana split creme, Berry Burst ice cream, peppermint, and this year for its 100th birthday, the “Birthday Cake Oreo”, with the two tradition chocolate cookies with birthday cake filling and sprinkles!  Fun!

However, none of those flavors have caused an uproar like an image of an Oreo that is not real or commercially available!

Oreo’s official Facebook page has almost 27 million likes.  Yesterday, the company posted this image on its page with the caption “Proudly support love!” and tweeted “Celebrate your pride for love!”

So far, the post (as of this blog entry Tuesday morning at 10:50 a.m.) has 151,696 likes, has had 38,436 shares, and 19,243 comments.  And, just like the country we live in when it comes to gay rights, marriage equality, Democrats, and Republicans, the debate in the comment section is heated and most of it has to do with gays and the Bible.

But, many of the comments about the “Pride” cookie image are positive.  Here are a few:

“Very sweet – in more ways than one!”

“What a beautiful Oreo”

“Thank you so much, Oreo!”

“Im buying as many Oreos as I can today”

“my milk is about look awesome”

“WHOA! Rainbow-colored Oreos!? I’ve only wanted these since–well, since I was five!”

” Hey everyone! I’m going to boycott rainbow sherbet! It’s an abomination towards God! Who is with me? Oh, and Skittles, too! I don’t want to taste your rainbow, you sinners!”

And, to be fair, here are the not so positive comments:

“What a bunch of gay people you all suck”

“”I’m never eating Oreos again. This is just disgusting”

“Unliking page and the rest of the ‘kraft’ family products… i will not support a company with these views”.

I’m sure the One Million Moms have already cleaned out their cupboards of Oreos and Kraft Foods products!

This cracks me up and in a bad way.  We have famine and disease all across the planet, we have several ongoing wars with innocent people dying each day, and many other catastrophes destroying the environment, property, and taking lives, and some people are upset over a picture of a rainbow-filled Oreo cookie?

For the record, I don’t know if Tinky Winky of the Teletubbies is really gay?  Bert and Ernie, not sure there either?  And, Oreos?  I don’t think the cookie is gay.

All I know it tastes good, without or without a glass of cold milk, and at only 53 calories a cookie (70 for the Double Stuf Oreo cookie), I think I’ll go buy a bag and pretend they are rainbow-colored and eat them with “Pride” and support Nabisco and Kraft Foods for its bravery, diversity, and support.



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  1. Wonder what these people do about the story of David and Jonathan in the Bible??


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