Hard Bodies Need Only Apply!

Damn you, “Magic Mike”!  Losing weight is hard enough without even thinking of toning muscles and building biceps, triceps, and washboard stomachs.  At 47, I’ll settle for eating right, walking, and having a thinner body.  However, I will not do sit ups, push ups, elliptical, blah blah blah, to have that stripper physique!

But, I won’t lie and say that I don’t admire it on those that spend as much time working out than they do working.  To you, I tip my hat and in another place and time, I’d tip you!

While I think it will be the box office champ this weekend if it can beat “Ted”, “Madea”, and “Brave”, there’s no doubt “Magic Mike” will be a huge success.  “Entertainment Weekly” gives it an “A-“.

The bottle line is that regardless of how cute, how smart, or how funny people are, those with nice physiques are noticed first and get longer stares.  It’s like the elevator scene in “Pretty Woman”, “close your mouth, dear!”

I thought about writing this blog the other day when Ray, who is much more reserved than I am, made a comment about how young men with perfect bodies will always find work as long as pop divas tour.  (Disclaimer:  I have no reservations!).  I guess I’ve forced him to watch too many Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga videos and concert clips.  Guilty!

So, yesterday, as I watched “Britney Spears Live:  the Femme Fatale Tour” on DVD, I re-lived the concert last July when I saw her in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Britney definitely had a lithe, toned body, but it was one dancer in particular that caught my attention, Adrien Galo.  He was featured prominently in the show and he also played the cop in her “I Wanna Go” video.

And, from these pictures, you can see that I’m one lucky person because he’s now touring with Madonna on the “MDNA Tour” and will play the chauffeur in her soon-to-be released video, “Turn Up The Radio”, the third single from her latest album, “MDNA”.

Madonna definitely has an eye for picking out young, hot men for her videos and tour.  Okay, who am I kidding, for dating, too!  Case in point, 24-year-old Brahim Zaibat, her current boyfriend.

When I first saw Madonna in concert on “The Confessions Tour” in 2006, I was mesmerized with the dancing talents (!) of Daniel “Cloud” Campos”.  He’s worked with Madonna before and with other artists.

The heat is definitely turned up when you see any of these pop divas in concert.  You can definitely tell what market they are going for — women and gay men.

So, if you need another fix before or seeing “Magic Mike”, check out these blatantly skin-featuring performances:  Britney’s “Trouble For Me”, Madonna’s “Jump”, and Kylie’s  “All The Lovers” music video from 2010.  (By the way, when I posted the Kylie video on my Facebook page two years ago, I had someone I graduated high school with to go off on me about the decline of morality in the world today.  Sadly, he deleted me before I had a chance to tell him what he could do!)

And, ladies, gay men, and open-minded people, since these divas that I love and support may be leading to the “moral decline” of America and the world, here’s another video featuring the dancers from Kylie’s “Aphrodite Les Folies (Live in London) concert DVD.

******Disclaimer******  Not Suitable For Work!!!  But, don’t worry.  It’s not age-restricted for YouTube, so it’s still safe although you do see a man’s butt and a lot of skin.  It’s not porn!


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