Advice To Chris Brown, (Yes, That One)

UPDATE:  November 26, 2012

If controversy sells, Chris Brown will be cashing in this holiday season.

It’s been reported that he and his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, who he physically abused almost four years ago, spent the Thanksgiving holiday together in Berlin.  Now, he’s deleted his Twitter account after an outrageous vulgar and sexist string of tweets with Houston comedy writer Jenny Johnson.  That has prompted some of Brown’s fans to tweet death threats toward Johnson.

This past weekend, had his latest CD, “Fortune” for only $5 and I contemplated buying one of his earlier disc because I do love some of his music.  However, after reading more about this whole Twitter exchange with Johnson, I’m glad I didn’t give him any of my money!

Here is the blog I wrote about Brown almost five months ago.  Now, more than in July, I seriously think Chris Brown should take a long, long hiatus and come back a better man!!!



ORIGINAL POST:  July 3, 2012

Singer Chris Brown has a new album out today called “Fortune”, the follow-up to last year’s “F.A.M.E.”, which won a Grammy Award for Best R&B album.  And, just the other night, Brown won the Best Male R&B Artist at the BET Awards.  As much fun as it is watching him on stage and however enjoyable much of his music is on the radio or YouTube, Chris Brown doesn’t come across as a likeable person.

Since his first single, the #1 smash “Run It”, was released about this time seven years, Brown has scored 28 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 with 11 of those reaching the top ten, and two topping the chart.  He’s had even more success on the R&B charts.  Obviously, radio loves him.  He’s also won the aforementioned Grammy Award, two NAACP Image Awards, three American Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards and eleven BET Awards.  He’s also an actor that’s been in four movies and he’s been on several television shows.  Chris Brown definitely has something going for him and it’s not all good and it can overshadow his music.

With all the success, the money, the entourages, and the hits singles, the past three years have been rough on Chris Brown.

You have one hit after another, you have albums to promote, tours to perform, an image to uphold, and a beautiful girlfriend.  And, you have all of this while being a teenager.  While most of us have never had the success that Chris Brown has, it most definitely didn’t happen to us as teenagers.

And, something else that most likely didn’t happen to us, or most teenagers, is to be charged with felony assault and making criminal threats as a 19-year-old.  By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you’ve heard about the domestic abuse incident where Chris Brown beat his then-girlfriend and fellow music superstar, Rihanna.

We saw the pictures from the Los Angeles Police Department of Rihanna’s bruised and bloodied face.  (Incidentally, prosecutors have now decided not to pursue charges against the two police officers that allegedly leaked the pictures to TMZ!)  I debated on whether to show that picture and decided to because it’s important to the story and there are reports that Rihanna and Chris Brown have been seen together and are communicating, so I figured it was fair game.  Also, a simple Google search would have yielded it if I hadn’t posted it.

Brown was charged with the crime in March 2009  and on June 22, 2009, he pleaded guilty and in a plea deal was sentenced to five years of probation and to six months of community service.

While Rihanna has gone on to become an ever bigger star with her recent hit, “We Found Love” becoming her 11th number one song and spending ten weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100, the three years post-Rihanna assualt have not been as good for Chris Brown, especially his image.

He may still be winning awards left and right and radio is playing his music, but his album sales have suffered.  His first two albums combined (pre-Rihanna incident) sold more than four million copies in the United States.  His last two albums after the domestic abuse incident have only sold 1.2 million copies combined.  His last album, the Grammy-winning “F.A.M.E.’ has only sold 872,000 copies here at home.

I love some of Chris Brown’s music, but I don’t own any of his albums and I don’t plan on buying them.  “Forever” is my favorite Chris Brown song, but I didn’t buy the album.  And, at that time, he was a good-looking fresh-faced kid making a name for himself in the music business.

Now, with the tarnished image of being the guy that beat Rihanna, more and more people are reluctant to buy his albums and that is their prerogative.  Many cringe at just hearing his name.  This brings me around to my initial comment, “Chris Brown doesn’t come across as a likeable person”.

I wasn’t there the night that he beat Rihanna.  I don’t know the facts of what precipitated the event.  Did Brown start the fight or did Rihanna?  Did it escalate from a war of words or was the fight one-sided?  It really doesn’t matter too much at this point.  Being the victim myself of domestic abuse in Chicago back in 1994 and 1995 (and then stalked), the bottom line is that something bad happened to Rihanna in that car in February 2009 at the hands of Chris Brown.

Regardless of how it started, we saw how it ended.  My problem with Chris Brown is no matter what transpired that night, he could have been angry at Rihanna without beating her.  He could have made her get out the car.  He’s a big enough guy that IF, and I stress the word “IF”, Rihanna tried to hit him first, he could have grabbed her arms and stopped her.

Another  problem I have with Chris Brown is that in the three years since the incident, he’s really shown very little remorse.  Saying sorry in a press release or a YouTube video doesn’t cut it for me.

Whether he’s working to maintain street cred in the rap and R&B music world, getting pissed off at Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts in March 2011 for asking about the Rihanna incident and then throwing a chair in the dressing room and shattering a window, tweeting a picture of your very impressive penis, or and having your entourage get into a brawl with singer Drake’s people in a New York City bar a few weeks ago speaks volume for Chris Brown’s character in the post-Rihanna era.

I will never forget what Chris Brown did to Rihanna.  When you hear either name, you think of the other.

I really wish that Brown would focus on his music and entertaining fans and not working on a bad boy image.  That may have scored him many hits, much success, and plenty of ladies, but it’s not doing much for him now.

Do I still like some of his songs?  Yes.  He can make fun, dance music that makes you feel good and for a few minutes, it helps you forget the ugly side of Chris Brown.

“Forever”, from 2008, is still my favorite Chris Brown song.

“Turn Up The Music” is another favorite.


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  1. You are a little more forgiving than I am Anthony, but the I come from a different time . Good or Bad but still a different time but I respect everyone’s time although I might not agree, God teaches us to forgive which I do just a little harder to forget 🍀


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