We Found God While Shopping

Shopping is a funny thing.  I’ve always heard that you should always go shopping with a grocery list and never go shopping when you’re hungry.  I think there’s logic to that.  Otherwise, you end up with much more than you anticipated and some of the choices are probably some that you’ll regret later.

Thursday, on the way back from the John Deere Classic, we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up cantaloupe and soda.  We ended up spending almost $65, but it was on healthy food with a lot of veggies, fruits, chicken, and lunch meat.  And, we got the soda and cantaloupe.

As we were coming home from The Classic Friday, we stopped at Hy-Vee for Ray to fill up his gas tank, buy milk, cottage cheese, and cream cheese.

We saw a sign that trees and shrubs were 75% off .  Since we’ve been taking long walks outside our neighborhood lately, we’ve fallen in love with a tree called a tri-color beech.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have it.  But, we did find two “Limelight” hydrangeas, and a “Little Henry Sweetspire” bush that attracts butterflies.  We got all three for just $12!  (Our plants did not look this good, but this is what they both will eventually look like!)

Once inside the store, we walked through the liquor department and found a third “Chocolatier”  premium wine.  Previously, I bought “Chocolate Turtle” and “Chocolate Covered Cherry”.  Today, we found “Chocolate Peppermint Patty”!

After that, we quickly picked up the six items that we went inside for and started toward the check out lines and that’s when we found God!

Okay, before you get you get excited.  As far as I know, God is not into making vodka.

We really didn’t find God, but we did find two carts full of clearance vodkas and wines.  In addition to buying four bottles of white wine, we also bought three bottles of vodka.

It’s amazing that I still cannot find the new donut-flavored 360 Vodka, but today we added Godiva Raspberry Chocolate, Ultra Bubble Gum, and Peanut Butter to our vodka collection.

So, we now have banana, cherry, lemonade, sweet tea, cake, chocolate cake, fruit punch, apple, Whipped, root beer, orange creme, 360 double chocolate, Espresso, Skyy Pineapple, Absolut Mandarin, and Absolut SF (grape, dragon fruit, and papaya).  Do you think I’m a sucker for flavored vodkas?

Luckily, they sit on the shelf or in the freezer most of the time.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be worried about OCD, but maybe AA!

Oh, and the God vodka was really the Godiva Raspberry Chocolate.  That was trick photography to get your attention!

Have a great weekend.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kathy Markham McCoy on July 14, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    Gee, I was ready to comment on how it looked as if God were into the color pink & flashy gold accents 😉

    Sounds as if I should hit YOUR house on my birthday, some of those flavors made my mouth water just reading the names. Chocolate Mint is my favorite, but several others are a close second. Enjoy!


  2. Kathy,

    We just have to figure out what to mix with all the fun flavors that won’t blow the healthy eating/diet.

    Of course, the simple solution would be adding the fun vodkas to ice cream in a blender and calling it a day. However, that is not practical. 🙂



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