Hot Summer & No Break in Sight!

Sixteen days into the month of July 2012, the Quad Cities have already reached 90° or higher twelve times.  With more days this week of intense heat expected, it looks as though we’re easily going to surpass our most recent high of fifteen 90°+ days in July of last year.

Looking back to 2007, that was the year in the past six with the most days with highs of 90° or higher.  We had a total of 34 days with twelve of those coming in August, followed by eight in June and September, four in July, two in May.

If that year is any indication, we have many more hot days left this summer and fall.

However, taking a five-year average of 90°+ days from 2007-2011, we had 1.4 in May, 4 in June, 5.6 in July, 5.8 in August, and 2.8 days in October.

This year we experienced 3 days with 90°+ heat in May versus the average of 1.4.  In June, we reached that mark 7 times compared to the average of 4, and as I mentioned before we’ve reached 90° or higher 12 times this July with the last 5-year average standing at 5.6.

As for totals, the highest number of 90°+ days recently was 2007 with 34.  In 2008 and 2009, we only reached that mark seven times.

In 2010, we had 21 days with 90°+ heat (8 days were in August and 7 in July), and last year, we had 29 days (15 in July, 5 in June and August, and 2 each in May and September).

As of now, based on the first 15 days of July 2012 (and this is subject to change), this is the 6th warmest July on record and the 3rd driest on record.

No real break from the heat is expected any time in the near future.  Here is the Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for temperatures for late July, August, and September.

Hang in there.


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