Color Me Happy After A Day in the Kitchen

Foodies, what do you get when you combine freshly harvested mint, lemon balm, basil, rosemary, and a few lavender flowers, throw in some apple juice, food coloring, several pounds of sugar, and multiple packages of liquid pectin?  I bet that last ingredient gave it away and the one before that would have gotten Paula Deen’s attention back in the day.

While I strive to be Julia Child, I couldn’t imagine putting together complex recipes with ingredients that I wouldn’t want to eat because it just doesn’t sound good and it definitely wouldn’t be good for the waist line.

After successfully making mint and jalapeno-mint jelly back in mid-May, I thought I would tackle it again and branch out to try some more complex flavors and throw in a little color for pizzazz.

This morning I started with apple-mint and then moved on to lemon balm-basil.

The first two batches before lunch turned out beautifully with just a few drops of food coloring.  The apple-mint is the red jelly and the yellow is the lemon balm-basil.

Since I went overboard in picking mint yesterday and it didn’t even make a dent in the garden, I decided to make a potpourri jelly.  I used the remaining mint and lemon balm and added some rosemary and lavender flowers.

With this batch, after it was ready, I added some blue food coloring to some of it and orange food coloring  to the other part (that turned out to be a lighter red) just to be different.  As I poured it into the jars, I added sprigs of rosemary for fun.

Now, that all the dishes are washed and the kitchen looks a little more tidy, I counted my jars and there were 29 from today (all the jars I had available).  I had some extra jelly that I had to pour into mismatched containers for us to test first to see if it’s edible.

So, with 44 jars of jelly, three things could happen:  breakfast will become our favorite meal of the day, we can serve them over cream cheese for parties, or they’ll make nice little Christmas presents.  Or, a combination of the three?

And, looking at this picture, I have a rainbow of color.  Sweet!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jackie on July 19, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    How do you intend o use the lemon balm basil?!? Is this something that’s paired with fish?!?


  2. Jackie,

    That would be a great pairing.

    I think it would also be good just to give toast a kick!



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