Another Heat Story, But One With A Sad Note About Outdoor Pets

My friends, be careful out there today.  With temperatures expected to soar to 105° or higher, this may very well be the hottest day in your lifetime, so far.  I know that it’s been hotter in the Quad Cities on several occasions, but you have to be, at least, 76-years-old to have experienced that heat.

As for me, I know that it’s gotten hotter in some of the places I’ve lived, it just wasn’t while I was living there.  For me, that 104° back on July 7, 2012, in Moline, Illinois, was the hottest actual temperature I’ve ever encountered and today will likely surpass that reading.

It goes without saying, but since I’m writing about the hot weather, there is a “Heat Advisory” out for today across all of eastern Iowa and northern Illinois.   As a matter of fact, there are warnings and advisories for the heat issued today from Wisconsin south to Kentucky, Tennessee, and down to Georgia, eastward to Ohio, and westward to Kansas and Nebraska.

Here’s a little weather trivia for you to dazzle your friends with today.   If we reach 106° today in the Quad Cities for the official high, that will only be 9th time that the high temperature reached 106° or higher since record-keeping started back in the early 1870s.

The warmest temperature on record in the Quad Cities is 111° (July 14, 1936).  That is followed by 108° (July 12, 1936), 107° (July 11, 1936 and July 13, 1936), and then 106° (July 24, 1901, July 15, 1936, July 26, 1936, and August 18, 1936).

So far, July 2012 ranks as the fourth warmest on record in the Quad Cities and the third driest on record.  We’ve only had 0.31″ of rain this month, but that will likely change tonight.  We finally have a decent chance of some showers and storms tonight and Thursday.  We’ve been cheated out of scattered storms the past couple of days as most of them stayed north in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Here is the radar image of the upper Midwest and Great Lakes from earlier this morning posted by my first major network-affiliated news director, Mike Michalak, in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  The rain is finally coming Quad Cities.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that it won’t break the drought!

On a serious note, you always hear me tell you on the news and in my blogs to take air conditioning breaks if you have to work or be outdoors for any length of time, to check on the elderly, and to make sure the pets outside have clean, cool water and shade.  Well, today, I’m going to be even more blunt, regarding pets.

The following message was sent to me last week by a Facebook friend that works as a veterinary technician at a clinic.  It opened my eyes and I want to share it with you:

“Within the last few weeks we’ve had two clients rush in their already clinically dead dogs from being out in the heat. The first dog was a pug.  It lived next to one of the girls from work and she said they always left it outside without any water or shade. I told her to take the dogs temp, and she replied, “it’s dead (name deleted)!” I said, “Right, meaning it should have a very low body temperature. Take it’s temp and see just how hot this poor dog got to prove this is how it died.”  So we took its rectal temp. Our thermometers only read up to 110 degrees and anything higher than that registers as “high”. That dogs temp said, “High”.  Then the other day an American bulldog came in that was still kind of breathing. We took its temp and it shot up past 110 right away. These owners claim the dog couldn’t have been out more than a half hour and it had shade and water. It obviously died a few minutes after getting to our clinic.”

Please look out for our furry friends today.  Please bring them in today if you can.

While I know we’re not done with the heat, even after today, we can always hold out for cooler, fall weather, right?  Sadly, we may be wrong.

Technically, the days will not be as hot!  However, here is the Climate Prediction Center’s forecast for August, September, and October temperatures and precipitation.

Three more months of above average temperatures and below average rainfall!  Boo!

Again, be careful out there today.  I’m going to spend my day off inside, except to water the garden and front yard late this evening.  I head back to work tomorrow for the next seven days beginning with the morning show bright and early at 4:30 a.m.  Hey, I should, at least, have some rain on radar to show you if you wake up with me bright and early.

Finally, if you’re really, really over the intense heat and humidity (I failed to mention that the heat index today –the combination of the temperature and the humidity and what your body actually feels like — is going to reach 115-125°!), five months from today is Christmas!  That means colder weather and maybe, just maybe, snow?


6 responses to this post.

  1. Anthony, WTF is wrong with people and their pets..Oh come on people..If its hot enough YOU would not want to be stuck out all day with just a (maybe) small bowl of water, don’t leave your pet outside either. Common Sense! Better yet, don’t tie them up so they can’t find shade. I would like to take everyone who treats their dog like that to spend a day in MY desert tied up without much water and see how they feel. Their temp might shoot up to 110. Animals cannot talk for themselves and TRUST US to take care of them..Please, let them stay in the house, in a cool room, maybe the bathroom if you are afraid of a mess, on these hot days..that goes for winter too. Would YOU like to be treated like that? I didn’t think so. BE SMART and KIND..What goes around, comes around..


  2. B,

    I totally agree with you. Sing it loud and sing it proud.



  3. My room-mate has a tuxedo cat that somehow got out the other day, and has been gone for 4 days. We both went around the neighborhood looking for him, and even called the Humane Society to see if they may have gotten him. He is a sweet cat, but with him being mostly black, and this heat, I hope he’s still alive. My room-mate is on the verge of giving up hope. His cat (Butler) has gotten outside before and has always returned within 3 days… it’s been 5 days now. I’m worried something fierce!


    • Roger,

      I’m sorry to hear about your roommate’s cat. I hope that someone found it and brought it indoors and are taking care of him.

      My thoughts are with you.



  4. Posted by Dixie on July 25, 2012 at 10:01 am

    I never leave my baby out..I hate the fact that some people that have cats and dogs do not take care of them..They have a heart to and feelings..
    Now are you saying there is no relieve in sight?Or I hope I miss understood you, hot weather, Aug, Sept, and Oct? NO rain, do you see any snow, I love snow I would take it over this..I am SOOO sick of SUMMER! We are talking about putting all the furniture away from the two decks and patio..IT has been too hot to sit out..IF we do things outside then by the time our work is done we do not want to sit out in it..We live where there is well water and we do not get to water our yard anymore..It was the only green one on the block and they said stop watering.. We live where there is nothing but tree in our back yard..A raven full of trees they are dying for sure..I just hope they do not start falling there are hundreds of them out there..Why is the weather like this now Anthony ?We have some big oaks by the house I hope they do not dye they will fall on the house..We spent over 8 thousand to have the ones by the house removed..We still have a few that could hit the house if it gets worst..Sure hope the rain comes soon, with a no water out we could be in deep Sh&^^! IS this a preview of the weather to come?I guess if so we need to put gravel or rock in place of the grass..Do not think that would look to good on a 2/12 lot..
    Stay cool and get some rain in


  5. Posted by Kerry Riley on July 25, 2012 at 10:31 am

    How sad


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