My New Love Affair — With Paris

I wonder if God has a sense of humor.  As I go through life and look around, I have a strong feeling that he does, since he doesn’t make mistakes.  I’ve also heard that if you want to make him laugh, tell him your plans.

So, God, I’m penciling in Paris, France in my 2015 planner.

It was never on my list of must see (before I die) places until earlier this year when I watched Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”.  Once I watched the opening credits, which was basically a travelogue for Paris, I was sold.  If you haven’t seen the movie, here is the three-minute opening that will have you booking seats with me and then I’ll get back to my blog.

“Midnight in Paris” is one of my favorite movies that I’ve watched this year.  When we saw it, I told Ray that I now want to go to the “City of Light”.


I didn’t want to go in hopes of traveling back in time to meet Hemingway and his group of friends — although that would be fun.

However, croissants, sinful desserts, French cuisine, and sweet French champagne would definitely be high on my list and my diet would be damned that week.  There would no calorie counting when I finally make it to Paris.

While I would indulge in eating and drinking, the main reasons I want to go to Paris is because I’m a romantic who is in love and I want to walk in the Parisian rain without an umbrella.


Oh, love!  No, it’s not my wedding anniversary and it’s not the anniversary of the date that we met, I’m just feeling overly romantic (ooh, gross) after watching “Moulin Rouge” again yesterday — “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”!

Okay, so while it’s a very weird and entertaining movie, the romance between Christian (Ewan McGregor) and Satine (Nicole Kidman) is short and doomed, it’s still incredibly sweet and romantic.  After all, love is a many splendored thing, all you need is love, and love lift us up where we belong.  Love!  Love! Love!

If you haven’t seen the 2001 movie that made $179.3 million dollars and earned a total of 13 BAFTA nominations (the British equivalent to the American Oscar), 8 Oscar and 6 Golden Globe nominations (and wins at the Golden Globes for Nicole Kidman and the movie), I’d highly recommend it.  Yes, it’s bizarre and Bohemian, but that makes it cute.  And, it’s a musical that also features Kylie Minogue as “The Green Fairy”!  Sold!

When you watch it for the first time or you watch it again, make it a double feature with “Midnight in Paris”.

There’s enough great food and wine for all of us to take a journey across the Atlantic.




This blog is brought to you by the Paris Tourism Board.  I’m kidding.  However, I’m going to check flight prices and hotels now just for fun.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh you must go! I want to go back..Its a beautiful city full of life and history..We sat at a little sidewalk cafe for lunch and sipped wine..I can still remember the sights and smells of pastries and french cheese…it’s not too early to book a trip!


  2. B,

    While I know it’s beautiful, it’s the food and wine that I want to experience.



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