“Peeps’ Friday ’80s Flashbacks”‏

Rise and shine this great Friday morning.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend planned and here’s my contribution.  Three of my favorite songs from the 1980s to get you inspired.


English rock singer John Waite had three hits with the band, The Babys with the two that you’d probably remember from the late-1970s being “Every Time I Think of You” and “Isn’t It Time”.

As a solo artist, he also had three Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hits in 1984 and 1985.  The biggest, his signature song, “Missing You”, reached #1 in 1984.  Tina Turner also recorded this and it’s fantastic.  Waite also hit the country chart in 2006 with the song with Alison Krauss.

Waite was also the lead singer for the band, Bad English, who scored three hits in 1989 and 1990.  The biggest was the #1 smash, “When I See You Smile”.  “Price of Love” also hit #5.


Spandau Ballet formed in England during the “New Romantic Movement”.  The band was very successful in the U.K. scoring 17 hits.  Success was harder to find in the United States.

Lead singer Tony Hadley lead the band into the top 40 on the Hot 100 charts three times in America.

Their biggest hit was their first, the #4 song, “True”.  That was followed by two other songs that peaked at #29 (“Gold”) and #34 (Only When You Leave”).


The Wolfgramm family of brothers and sisters, mainly in their teens, from Minneapolis, Minnesota hit the charts big in the 1980s.  Their first release, “Curiosity”, didn’t chart on the Billboard Hot 100, but it did reach #8 on the R&B charts and #21 on the Dance Chart.

However, their second chance at stardom, paid off.  “Crush on You” reached #3 in 1986.

The Jets would go on to score six top 40 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100, including “You Got It All” (#3, 1986), “Cross My Broken Heart” (#7, 1987), “I Do You” (#20, 1987),  “Rocket 2 U” (#6, 1988), and “Make It Real” (#4, 1988).



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