My Frightful & Delightful Friday Date Night

The weekend is here and I hope you have fun plans.  I slept in today after a very, very long and enjoyable Friday.

It a was a 22-hour day that started with me working from 2 a.m until noon, then an afternoon of  working out, followed by fright and delight!

We decided to make it a date night, so went to our cheap theater in town to catch the evening showing of “Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter”, an action fantasy horror film based on a mash-up book of the same name by Seth Grahame-Smith.  He also wrote the screenplay and the movie was produced by the incredible Tim Burton.

We bought the movie coupons on one of the local internet deal sites that offer bargains like buy one, get one  free.  So, we got our tickets for a large popcorn and soda (with free refills on each) and the movie ticket for $4.75 each.  (Regular price is $9.50 for that movie deal).

And, while I love the idea of “cheap theaters”, some are definitely better than others that I’ve been to across the country.  This one ranks down toward the bottom, but it’s still a bargain.  I will say that the young lady working the counter was very good at her job of moving the crowd along with tickets, drinks, and popcorn.

So, we all know the story about the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

What you will never read in any biography or history book is that the Kentucky-born Lincoln (he was born about three hours from my hometown, yet the movie begins with him as a boy in Indiana) lost his mother at a young age after she was attacked by the plantation owner Jack Barts, who turns out to be  — are you ready?– a vampire!!   Spoiler alert:  He’s not the pasty, sparkly Edward kind of vampire from the “Twilight” series.  This is Tim Burton, remember.

This begins his crusade as a young man to hunt down Barts to make him pay for his crime.  What Lincoln didn’t know as a child was that Barts was a vampire and that by shooting him in the eye wasn’t going to do the trick with a typical bullet.

So, Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) is befriended by Henry Sturgess (played by sexy and charming Dominic Cooper from “Mamma Mia” and “The Devil’s Double), who teaches the awkward, lanky young man how to hunt down and kill vampires.  Silver is the key!  And, in this movie, guns are the main defense in the quest to kill vampires (I guess stakes are out these days), but Lincoln chooses to use an ax with the blade lined in silver!

That means that when he wields and swings his ax and it slices into vampires, there’s plenty of heads rolling and blood splashing across the screen.

This movie was released in 2D and 3D and while I saw the movie in standard form, you could definitely tell which scenes were made for 3D effect.  There is a climatic train track burning scene that would have been absolutely incredible to see on the big screen in 3D.

The movie goes on to tell the story of how Lincoln met Mary Todd and he was definitely “Honest Abe” with her.  He even confessed to her that he was a “vampire hunter”!  She smiles and plays his games and asks him how many he had killed and he honestly answers (at the time), “five, no six”.  Again, she smiles and humors him.

Historical facts were included in the movie including slavery, his move to Springfield and becoming a politician, the Civil War, his presidency, and the Ford Theater.  The accuracy stops there.

When we decided to the movie, we were debating between this one and “Rock of Ages”.  While I still want to see Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx, I decided that one would play better at home on DVD.  I wanted to see Abe hunt vampires on the bigger screen.

While the movie has pretty much earned back its budget in American and international box offices, by no means was it a blockbuster.  It was an entertaining movie and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets some awards season recognition for make-up.

There is somewhat of a shocker in the movie about one of the central characters.  It was a nice twist and added a new dimension. Since this is a vampire movie, does Lincoln cross over to the dark side for immortality?  It should be released on DVD in September!

GRADE:  B-  (If I had seen it in 3D, that grade could have been bumped up to a “B”)


So, the movie and the vampire hunt was the fright of the night and the delight came when we got home.  (The movie only offered a delight in the form of a shirtless scene of lanky, young Lincoln and one shirtless scene of the always studly Cooper.)  Ha!

After the movie, we came home and went on a walk to work off  some of the popcorn and we came back for dessert.  More than a month ago, I blogged about the new donut-flavored 360Vodka and I was anticipating its release.

I finally got it and made us a “Boston Creme Pie” — donut-flavored vodka, vanilla ice cream, and a little skim milk, topped with cool whip and sprinkles.

Both drinks were so tasty and at 200 calories each, it didn’t blow our healthy eating regiment.

While the drinks were excellent, I admit that it did not smell or taste like donuts!  So, maybe tonight or tomorrow night, I’ll make a small martini with the chilled vodka (so I don’t think I’m having a grown-up shake) to see if I can taste the donuts without having the flavor hidden.

So, I’ll give the much-anticipated donut-flavored another shot since I waited so long and had to search it out.

However, when we bought the donut-flavored vodka, we bought a “Sugar Cookie” vodka and it smells exactly like sugar cookies.

Liquid cookies, the new “it” thing?

Have a great weekend!


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