I’m Getting Excited About … Rain?

Have you ever had one of those days when you wanted to just call into work and say, “I’m going to stay home today, lie on the couch, and do nothing?”  I’m sure you have and I’m sure some of you have had several of those days.

Today is that day for me and it’s even my Friday!  I’m definitely not depressed and it’s not the beginning of the week, so I can’t even post the video of “Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters.

It’s been a long two weeks of work and I just feel tired and I want to chill out.  In addition to my recent work schedule, it doesn’t help that I’ve been a maniac on the treadmill and walking in the neighborhood to get my body ready for late summer and fall travel.

I think the main reason I want to just be lazy and skip work today is because of the ugly weather we’ve had this summer.  Temperatures have hit 90° or higher 37 times this summer, the most times since 2007.  In addition to that, it’s been so dry.

Rainfall, officially in the Quad Cities, is running more than 7.5″ below average since just the beginning of June and lawns are brown and crusty, like the desert, unless you’ve been watering them!

While some hometowns have had isolated thunderstorms to bring heavier rain, like last Saturday, the last time we officially saw more than one-half of rain in one day at the airport in Moline, Illinois, was back on June 16, 2012, when 0.61″ fell.  The last time we saw more than an inch in one day was May 31, 2012, when 1.01″ accumulated.

That’s why I’m so excited to see the clouds overhead this morning as I get motivated to work out and head to work.  It also makes me happy to see a big green blob with yellow blotches on radar heading our way!

When I was a kid in Kentucky, just the mention of snow got me so excited that I couldn’t sleep.  Since I was an aspiring meteorologist, I was even more crazed.  Many nights I would wait up until I saw the first flake of snow fall.  And, since weather men are never right (note:  sarcasm), there were times I’d be dragging the next day before those snowflakes would never materialize to give us a “snow day” and I had stayed up all night.

Today is one of those days.  I have it on good authority that we’re going to see showers and thunderstorms today through Thursday evening.  As a matter of fact, while some may see a little less and some may see a little more, an inch of “liquid gold” could be falling from the skies in the next 36 hours.  It’s too late for some farmers, but for my desperate yard and gardens, there’s still hope.

So, I’m going to get off my butt, get on the treadmill, get motivated to go into work and do the 5 & 6 p.m. weathercasts tonight, and wish you a fantastic Wednesday, or whatever day it may be for you.  And, then tonight and tomorrow, I’m going to lie on the couch and listen to it rain.



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  1. Rain-still waiting in Alpha-Woodhull area.


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