Russia, It’s 2012 — Time To Change With The Times

We’ve moved beyond the “Cold War”, so why must many vocal Russian officials have to be so uptight, repressive, and oppressive?  I’m sure you can find a nice place to live in maybe, Uganda?

I’ve never been to Russia or the former Soviet Union and while I’m sure there are more good people there (and I’ve witnessed it via the internet), it’s the ones that are still living, in their minds, in the Middle Ages or the communist world that make the others look bad.  As it stands now, Russia, I will never visit your part of the world and honestly, from your views (at least, the views of St. Petersburg’s politicians), I’m not welcomed anyway.

I’ve blogged before that the government there doesn’t want anyone speaking out positively about anything gay.

Madonna recently played two shows in Russia and she spoke out against the rules imposed by the government and stood up for her LGBT brothers and sisters.

You can hear Madonna’s full speech to the St. Petersburg crowd about fear, intolerance, love, and human dignity here.  (Warning:  it does contain one “adult” word!)

Afterwards, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin tweeted this about her, “With age, every former slut tries to lecture everyone on morality, Either take off your cross, or put on your knickers.”

Very classy!

And now, the Trade Union of Russian Citizens, which is pro-Kremlin, is filling a $10.5 million lawsuit against Madonna for damaging the cultural foundations of St. Petersburg.  Darya Dedova, the union spokesperson says, “She insulted the believers’ feelings, she promoted homosexuality when there were children at the concert and this is forbidden in St. Petersburg. We, the residents of the cultural capital, suffered a colossal moral damage.”

They claim Madonna did this, in part, by asking concertgoers to wear pink bracelets the night of show as a sign of  support for the LGBT community!

What, you “suffered a colossal moral damage” because Madonna stands up for human rights of all people, including gay people?  Seriously, you have more to worry about in your communities and your country than what Madonna talks about on stage!

Does it look like these concertgoers that paid big bucks to see Madonna in that controversial concert (sarcasm there) are morally damaged because of her performance?  Do they look sad, demoralized, and traumatized?

No, they look just like everyone else.  Well, maybe a little more European! 🙂

Russian leaders, get over it and deal with your own personal lives and let your people move into the 21st century.  Before you say it, I know we have people just like that in the United States (hi Michele & Rick, I haven’t shouted out to you lately), but I think our politicians will make progress before you do.

With the hate and ignorance being displayed in the Russian political world, those politicians are only a small step ahead of the ones that support Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill.

It’s time for the world to “come together in every nation” and stand behind a person like Madonna, who has done more for human rights in her career than most of us will do in our lifetimes.  It doesn’t matter what you think of her as a performer, it’s her speaking her heart that makes a difference.  It’s making the world a better place one person at a time.


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