Another Threat! It’s Time To Come Home to the U.S.

I’m happy to call America home and I’m grateful for the men and women that have sacrificed their lives to give me the freedom to express myself and to say what I want without fearing repercussions from the government.

Yes, I know there are fanatics out there that hurt or kill or threaten to harm people in the U.S. for standing up for their beliefs, especially when they differ from theirs.  That is something that we’ll always have to contend with and force us to be vigilant.

Two weeks ago, the United States government issued a warning to American citizens attending Madonna’s concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg after it  “received information regarding a threat of physical violence against spectators and performers at the St. Petersburg concert on August 9.”  Luckily, no violent acts took place at those concerts.

However, insecure politicians hurled sexual insults at Madonna and labor groups are suing her for more than $10 million for standing up and speaking out for human rights and gay rights.

Now, there is another thinly veiled threat as Madonna wraps up the European leg of her “MDNA Tour” in Nice, France tonight.

The far-right National Front (FN) party is warning Madonna not to use a video montage linking its party leader Marine Le Pen to the Nazis.  Lydia Schenardi, head of the FN in the Alpes-Maritimes administrative region says “there will be no incident at tonight’s concert but there will be consequences if she uses this footage.”

In the video montage, which has been part of the tour since its May debut in Tel Aviv, Israel, there is a brief  image of Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.

While I doubt that Madonna will delete Le Pen from the “Nobody Knows Me” montage in France tonight, here is the incredible video montage in its entirety, just in case:

Le Pen and the FN, the third largest party in the country, are trying hard to distance itself from the views of her father, Jean-Marie, who founded the party in 1972 and was its leader until 2011.  He has been convicted of racism and inciting racial hatred many times and, in 1987, said that the Nazi gas chambers of the Holocaust were “just a detail in the history of World War II”.

Anyone familiar with Madonna’s highly anticipated and hugely successful tours knows that she is provocative and she adds a montage to the concert to make you think.

This is “Get Stupid” from 2008’s”Sticky & Sweet” tour.

Regardless of what happens at the French concert tonight, I know that when the North American leg of the tour kicks off next Tuesday night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for 43 shows, it will have its own share of controversy.

I can tell you now that some Americans will demand that Madonna drop the gun play, which is prominently featured in the first act of the show, especially in the violent song, “Gang Bang”.

Welcome to controversial and button-pushing world of Madonna.  Don’t change a thing.  Here’s to another 30 years.


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