More Than Two Months To Go And I’m Already Over It

Over the next two weeks, Democrats and Republicans will have their time in the spotlight with their respective national conventions.  Honestly, I can’t wait for it to be over.

Like many of you, I already know who I’m voting for and I don’t need a convention or speeches to convince me.  However, I’m sure there are many people out there that are indifferent or unhappy with the past four years of what President Obama has or has not accomplished and are considering the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ticket.

While I’m confident that President Obama will win the 2012 election, I know that it’s going to be very close.  Here is how the last election played out and I do expect to see more red on the map this time.

Yes, I know that Mitt Romney could win the election and no, I’m not ready to move to France if he does.  I would never move to a foreign country without first knowing how to speak the language.  While I plan to visit Paris in 2015 and learn some French before them, I might need to speed up my tutorial. 🙂

I know that regardless of wins on election night, he’ll encounter a very difficult road just as President Obama has faced since 2009.  It’s hard to get things done when you have Republicans and Democrats so dead set on making everything a pissing match.  I wish that we had a real third-party to get people motivated to really make a change.

It’s going to get very ugly before the November election.  Marriage equality will be a hot button topic this year and for the first time, it will be pushed because it’s the right thing to do and not just something that Republicans are throwing out there to scare their flock into donating money and spreading the fear that gay people are diminishing their marriages.

However, when you have Republican candidates (at the state level) speaking or misspeaking (ha!) about “legitimate rape”, it really makes you wonder how he and his Democratic opponent were virtually tied in the polls prior to his ill-fated biology lesson.

There are bad Republicans and there are bad Democrats.  I really think we have more good politicians than bad ones, but we have such a large number of Americans that vote out of misinformation, fear, or ignorance which allows these bad politicians to make our lives more difficult.

It’s time that we make our elected officials do their jobs for us and not what is good for their next re-election campaign.

I’ve very excited that I’m not working this election night.  I get to sit on my couch and watch the returns come in across the country as we await the outcome.  I remember doing the same thing in 1980.  Back them, we had very old and cheesy graphics and I had to watch my beloved President Jimmy Carter lose to Ronald Reagan.

While the last election was historic with the first black person chosen as president, this year is going to be just as important to the future of this country.  It’s even more important to me because for once, I have a president that believes that I should have a right to marry, even if we haven’t gotten rid of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

I fear that if Romney-Ryan are elected, I won’t have to worry about the DOMA, I’ll be more concerned about my basic rights as a gay man and not just as a married gay man.

Please educate your friends before November and convince them to get out and vote.


4 responses to this post.

  1. outstanding views! i could not be more aligned with your perspective. the true power of the elections are in knowledge. it tends to be a lot of smoke, lights and fanfare-which makes for dazzling productions, however it doesn’t always make for dazzling resolutions. love is love, family is family, bonds are bonds and what i find ironic is often times those crying out from the mountain tops to be seen, heard, understood and respected treat the sanctity of marriage with much higher esteem than those with the stone fist knocking them down.


  2. Posted by Larry Newingham on August 21, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    Interesting blog, if Romney I’d elected I’m very sure that nobody’s right will be taken away. In the old days even Reagan and Tip O’Neil worked together but now all politicians just want your money and they don’t care
    Maybe by the next election the tea party will be stronger 🙂


  3. Larry,

    Maybe by the next election, there will be no “tea party”. I think they need a leader first.



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